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Korg D3200 Multitrack Recorder

32 track recorder with 80GB hard drive, rewriteable CD drive and drum machine.

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Comments To have 32 tracks available to record to is nothing but absolute recording bliss. With this recorder you can record your entire band at once and perform nondestructive editing, with effects, to the source. The recorder also includes a session drummer that you can easily turn on to play to or program it to play exactly what you want without alot of time-consumming programming. It also has 44 input channels, 8 phantom powered XLR jacks, 12 1/4" balanced jacks, beyond CD quality recording, 128 effect programs with 64 bit internal processing. You can also connect your PC to it via USB to transfer files to your favorite editing program. There's also a CD rewritable drive you can burn your songs to. With all these features and more it's literally a portable pro studio.

Liked about it To get up and running is very easy. About 10 minutes reading and you can start laying down tracks with the session drummer with ease. All the knobs and sliders look daunting at first, but everything is laid out logically and easy to understand once you get going. You can easily dial in your sound along with other instruments that you might be recording at the same time.

The session drummer is very cool. I personally just set it up to provide a beat to play to, but you can make it very elaborate if you wish and it doesn't take tons of time to program it.

It's a very high quality recording for the money. I've gotten comments about how professional my recordings sound and asked what I used to recording them with. For this system to be under $2000 is unbelievable.

The system itself is built nice with quality parts for the knobs and sliders. I did alot of research on the different systems and found that the D3200 people liked the most and had the least amount of problems with it. I've been using mine for almost 2 years not without a single issue.

You can easily connect to your computer to transfer your recorded music via USB. This is what I do. I prefer to record to the D3200 and then transfer them to my computer where I can edit everything in FLStudio. However, the D3200 has all the editing capability to do everything, including adding effects, in it. So, if you didn't want to, you don't have to leave the D3200. It's small enough and light enough to take with you anywhere you want.

I don't use the CD drive that often. I've used it just to check it out, but a very cool feature to have especially since it's a rewritable drive.

There are other features on this system that I haven't used. It's a very big system with lots of pro features. I simply use it to record to, but it's easy enough to learn so if you want to do everything inside it, the D3200 makes it possible.

Didn't like Really the only thing that I don't like is how the transfer via USB happens. The process includes selecting the files (or tracks) that you want to transfer and transferring them to the section of the hard drive that has access to the USB. Where you initially record to doesn't have access to the USB. Once the transfer to the hard drive section you can then transfer to your computer. This process doesn't add much time to the transfer. It's just a step that I don't completely understand why it's necessary to do so.

A feature that some of the other higher end recorders have is the ability to hook a monitor up to it so you're not limited to the small LCD screen. That would be a nice addition to have, but it doesn't completely turn me off.

Along with a monitor connection I would like to see a mouse connection. The onboard mouse takes some getting used to.

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By courtney2018
Oct 24, 2009
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