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Line6 POD Farm 2 Software & Plug-In

The newest major upgrade to the award-winning Line 6 POD Farm Software delivers major improvements.

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Line6 POD Farm software gets a makeover AND a tune-up!! featured

Comments POD Farm 2 is Line6's latest major update to their award-winning POD Farm software and the differences are readily apparent. Upon launching the POD Farm 2 software you'll immediately notice that more of the functions you previously jumped through menus and from screen-to-screen to adjust have been placed at your fingertips. An enhanced "stage view" puts more of the information about your sound into visual cues, such as the type of microphone model being used and its position. Also, no more split-screen when using dual mode--you can visually see your two signal chains in one screen. Brilliant!

More flexibility has been built into POD Farm 2 as well. I remember being frustrated at POD Farm 1.11 when I wanted to put an effect somewhere in the chain but was limited to one or two pre-defined (by Line6) locations. Now you can put your effects anywhere you want them and in any order. KUDOS!! Also, the MIDI support for controlling POD Farm 2 has been vastly expanded and upgraded. More buttons have been placed on the main screen putting more functions a simple click away and the left navigation strip is history.

Under the hood, POD Farm 2 is immediately and evidently different from the older version. A master noise gate has been added so new patches automatically have SOME form of noise reduction built-in if you enable it. AWESOME!! Sounds seem to have a more crisp and defined, articulate snap. Doing an A/B comparison told the tale between the older and newer versions. String-to-string definition and clarity seems much better on both clean and distorted patches in POD Farm 2. Overall compression is better and the tones are less "boomy" and "flabby." Dual sounds also have a virtual A/B/Y box for sound comparison, blending, and switching.

The updated Patch Save editing screen is also updated and much more user-friendly and easily-navigated. It will also tell you if you try to give a patch a name that is already in use, saving you an annoying error message. COOL!!

Line6 MAY have gone a little too far updating some of the models, but the user will have to be the final judge on that issue. I tried the updated JCM800 model and I don't remember ANY JCM800 I've ever played having that much gain on tap, modded or not. Easy enough to get the classic JCM800 tone, though--just dial the gain back to 7 or 8.

The attached sound clips were compiled using a Squier Telecaster loaded with a Dimarzio Super Distortion T bridge pickup and Dimarzio Area T Neck pickup--the bridge was used for the dirty tones and the neck for the clean tones. The recordings were made through a Line6 DI-S into REAPER and exported to MP3 format. The dirty patches used are my standard and upgraded "Tube Screamer-into-Plexi" patches and the cleans were created with the Line6 "Mr. Clean" patch with all of the effects placed after the amp. Let your ears and eyes be the judge with the attached sound clips and screen shots.

One thing to note is that you should be careful if you are seriously attached to your v1.11 patches--if you upgrade them to v2.0 they'll no longer open in v1.11.

All in all this is a refreshing and welcome addition to the POD Farm software.









Liked about it Updated interface provides more visual cues to what is going on behind the scenes.

Global Noise Gate provides instant noise reduction to new patches without having to add the GATE model.

New sounds are more clean, clear and crisp, and seem to have overall better definition.

Didn't like Patches are not backward-compatible, but makes sense given the difference in tones between models.
Some models seem to have "extra gain" added to them, making them seem less authentic.

Overall satisfaction:

By racerevlon
Apr 26, 2010
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