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Line6 POD Farm Software & Plug-In

Line6 calls this software "The Premium Tone Plugin" and I'm not inclined to disagree.

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All the gear you could never afford--right at your fingertips!! featured

Comments Wow--where to begin? I was always extremely against virtual instruments until a little over a year ago. One day I was browsing Amazon (of all places) and they had the Line6 DI-Silver bundle for 29.99--it included a DI that I dare say is a bit nicer than the GX, and the POD Farm software. I was literally blown away by the quality AND accuracy of the amp and effect models. The sounds are actually usable, so much so that I decided they would be my standard for sound clips on Jemsite (and they still are). The other things that I found so inviting about POD Farm is that you can do things with the software that would otherwise be near impossible (forgetting, for the moment actually getting your hands on a vintage Plexi, Bassman, or Tweed) such as combining a JCM800 with a Matchless 2 x 12 speaker cabinet. The number of tonal variations increases exponentially when you include the amp, cabinet, mic selection, and mic placement options.

The number of amp and effect models that came with the DI-S bundle were great, but when I upgraded (via a three-for-one pricing deal) with some of the add-on packs a whole new world opened up. Using the dual-signal-path functionality I could mix a Diezel Herbert with a '59 Bassman (something that would most likely take over $10,000 USD to do in the real world) and the sounds are amazing.

It scares me to say this, but with the quality of sounds Line6 is producing with software, I'm wondering how much longer "real" amps will be around. I find myself more and more turning to my laptop, POD Farm, and Riffworks/Reaper for practicing or laying down quick ideas just because I happen to be in front of my laptop at the time, and all I have to do is plug in. If it becomes more than that, I export from Reaper and import into my main DAW and continue recording with the same POD Farm patch or plug-in.

I've tried competing products and so far, for guitar and bass POD Farm is a great solution for anyone who wants monster tone without having to wake the neighborhood or empty their savings account.

Liked about it Extremely easy to use/intuitive interface.
Capable of sound combination that would be otherwise near impossible.
Models are extremely accurate and provide easily-usable tones.

Didn't like Model packs are tied to specific hardware interfaces--if you have two interfaces you have to purchase the model pack twice.
Unstable on certain versions of Windows.

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By racerevlon
Mar 14, 2010
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