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Digidesign Eleven (TDM, RTAS, AudioSuite) Plug-In

Digidesign 9910-57866-00 Eleven TDM Guitar Verson New plug-in brings hyper-realistic guitar amp sounds to Pro Tools, Avid, and Developed using an innovative new amp modeling technique, Eleven gives customers instant access to an amazing collection ...

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Best recording interface, effects processor, and preamp (+pro tools) for guitarists made to date, and it records everything else as well!

Comments Digidesign Eleven Rack Hardware Features

* High-speed USB 2.0 connection
* DSP-accelerated audio interface provides powerful recording without latency
* 8 simultaneous channels of high-resolution recording up to 24-bit/96 kHz
* Stereo balanced XLR outputs
* Dedicated 1/4 inch outputs designed to connect with amplifiers
* XLR mic input with 48V phantom power
* 2 x 1/4 inch line-level inputs for keyboards, drum machines, etc.
* AES/EBU and S/PDIF stereo digital I/O
* Stereo 1/4 inch headphone jack
* 1 x 1 MIDI I/O

Eleven Rack in the Studio
Eleven Rack combines studio-standard Pro Tools software with a high-resolution, dual DSP-powered audio interface so you'll never have to worry about latency when recording with its built-in amp/effects tones ' nor will your computer have to carry the processing burden. Eleven Rack also takes re-amping to the next level by recording both dry and processed guitar signals simultaneously, allowing you to re-amplify later without patching a single cable.

Eleven Rack On Stage
Eleven Rack also rocks onstage as a standalone amp tone and effects signal processor, Digidesign pulled out all the stops to make sure it sounds and feels just like playing through the real deal. Digidesign also included a classic collection of effects, from must-have stompboxes to world-class rackmount studio processors. Eleven Rack has all the I/O flexibility you need to integrate it into your existing rig, and easily incorporate the tones you've recorded with into your live setup, closing the gap between studio and stage.

Liked about it 1) Pro Tools recording interface
2) Pre amp
3) fx processor/amp modelling

The retail price isnt bad considering u get the expansion pack (which now rivals axe fx modeling) and pt10. Used you can get it for as little as 4-500...

The sound possibilities are endless, great effects, and its all there, like a digital multifx pedal, except with the amp modeling it sounds like a real rig. Its really unbeleivable how you can customize what you want in a cab/rack/rig/stack

You can play live, record while playing live, and use a PA or a cab or powered mon/speakers

Of course, its a recording interface that not only works with pro tools, tho its best for software/hardware compatibility, but u can use with ur favorite daw.

XLR outputs, TRS, Midi i/o, mic in, amp/cab out, u think of an i/o, its there, = etc...even an expression pedal.........then there are models for bass as well, besides lines for any other 1/4" cable..endless possibilities

True-Z input jack: This unique guitar input was created to replicate the impedance of guitar amps and stompboxes, which results in amazingly realistic sounds. Since each guitar reacts differently with every amp or effect, the True-Z input basically changes the input impedance automatically to whatever amp or effect is first in the signal chain. And the Eleven Rack isn't using a DSP algorithm to do that'it uses actual analog switching with real capacitors and resistors.

In short, its the best interface out there for pro tool guitarists. in long, it might become ur only piece of equipment ull ever need for its dead on balls accurate sound emulation and output options (use ur gigs house pA and dont lug around that stack anymore, but dont forget the XLRs).

Didn't like 1)so versatile that the endless possibilities can frustrate you
2)sounds so good that its hard to choose what to use
3)pro tools (lol)

if u like options, this is ur thing. if u prefer simplistic minimalism, this isnt. its just such a monster that it can be overwhelming....settings vary to the point of where u are putting the pieces of ur rig and rack stuff togehter (eg. cab or amp before mic, or mic before cab and amp, fx proc before amp or after amp and before rig, mic placement, then equalizing the sound after picking a beginning, its just too much for someone who doesnt care. however, if u want a mesa boogie and cant afford it, u can get one in the 11r and have an interface and live gigger. plus, did i mention the expansion pack completely covers 50s-2012 tone sound setups, u want early muddy waters, u can find it, u want petrucci, hes in there, vais even in there, but WHO DO YOU WANNA SOUND LIKE? (the answer is yourself, and with so many great presets its hard to pick)

really, the only thing not to like is to be given too many choices, which is ironic.also the 11r forum has tons of presets made by users so if u wanna find a sound of an artist, u search and load it up, then tweak as u like

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Jan 18, 2012
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