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Announcements in Forum : Buy, Sell or Trade
06-28-2006 until 07-30-2099
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AVOIDING FRAUD INFO (BUYERS/SELLERS): verify a guitar, seller, fakes...

Some things to PLEASE READ for both buyers and seller. Not RULES just common sense and things to help a smooth transaction. This is a SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK OCEAN without lifeguards. The buddy system makes sense.

  • Review the members Jemsite history & posts.
  • Verify the members IP from the Verify forum right here on jemsite. Check their IP against their profile and address where payment should be sent. A few IP Locators
  • Maintain a complete transaction & communication log so you can accurately follow the transaction, expectations, payments, etc. This is all useful in case of a dispute.
  • Use common sense. If something looks like a "steal" or "too good to be true" then it is. Duh!
  • Don't be rushed or hurried. Con artist go for a quick kill, the easy pray. The dope who feels like he's getting a great deal and the seller is doing the buyer a favor... for a hurried, risky, nonsensical transaction.
  • Don't be swayed to change terms - last minute.
  • Pass on the sob stories, someone is sick, dying, etc. -
  • Call me when you get back from your travels - if someone is in a hurry or needs to do something before traveling tell them to send a post card & call when they return.
  • Google or search the mailing address, phone # and obviously name/lastname.
  • Call an offline friend and pass the details by them - any casual observer can spot fraud a mile away. Even when you can but refuse to accept it.
  • DO NOT LET SOMEONE TALK YOU OUT OF A PAYPAL DISPUTE by giving a sob story or "i'll ship it next week after i get out of the hospital". You lose all leverage then.

  • Read the above info for Buyers
  • Always ship with tracking number to real addresses verified by USPS, google, etc. Never to a pobox, mailbox rental location, etc.
  • Signature required always
  • Follow Paypal and/or credit card rules to the T. Do not give fraudulent buyers an out to void a transaction, keep your equipment and get their $$$ refunded.

If you run into problems, delays or an unsuccessful transaction
  • Post brief but detailed summary of your problem. DO NOT POST PRIVATE INFO.
  • Report Post that has details so moderators can review the classifieds and possibly CLOSE all thread by the seller
  • If the seller does not respond contact paypal and immediately file a dispute BEFORE YOUR GRACE PERIOD expires.
  • Contact your local authorities and provide the transaction/communication log
  • Don't sit around feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Make your self useful to others. Your bad experience, even a transaction cancelled can help the next guy not get ripped off.

iTrader is a feedback/transaction ratings for jemsite classifieds and has been implimented since Jan. 24, 2005.
  • BUYERS & SELLERS - If you have recently made a transaction in the classifieds here, please use the iTrader link above to rate your transaction and help others using the classified forums.
  • BUYERS & SELLERS - Check the iTrader rating of the member you are looking to buy or sell to.

E-mail address posting in classifieds is an INVITATION TO TROUBLE
  • jemsite forum has a secure contact method to email/PM other users without exposing your real email address to visitors, banned and unregistered members and also PM makes your email address total private.
  • Anyone who contacts you via the forum PM/email BUTTONS have their IPs tracked upon registering and also for each post. This offers you some additional protection that direct email cannot
  • Do NOT post email links in your classified ad either as a buyer or seller. Posting "Contact me here in your classified or reply" is an INVITATION to a con-artist to scam you by emailing you randomly and anonymously where you have no history or idea who actually emailed you. You'll be off jemsite and prey to making a fast deal without checking post history, IP from the verify forum, join date, or reading any of links below in this announcement. If you TYPE YOUR EMAIL ADDY in your post, any CRIMINAL can contact you from anywhere online, even ones who never visited jemsite.

Here are master threads to VERIFY ANYTHING ON AUCTION or FORSALE on jemsite, e-bay or elsewhere. DO NOT LITTER THE FORUM with new threads about classified listings or sellers and if they're real or fake. Listed below are also some important threads also related to combatting fraud (no longer stickied)

FRAUD/VERIFICATION TOPIC: verify a guitar, seller, fakes, etc.

Auction or Reseller Wall of Shame - fraud list

Misrepresented & FAKE COPY JEM7s on e-bay or local stores - Made in China

Indonesia buyers & other online fraud

Report Fake Ibanez Guitars On E-Bay

Please read before sending or collecting any payment ...glen

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