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Old 05-22-2008, 11:53 PM
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Anyone buy a car/truck from Craigslist?

It's about time to get a bigger car for my family, but i'm not looking to buy a new vehicle as it costs too much. I'm looking at getting a Chevy SUV of some kind (yukon, suburban, tahoe), and i've found several on craigslist that are reasonably priced to fit my budget, most of them are private sellers.

I haven't dealt with anyone from craigslist yet, so if anyone has any comments, advice, and suggestions about buying a car off there, i would appreciate it.

I just need a bigger vehicle for my family, an SUV would be a great solution.

Anyone buy a car/truck off craigslist?? How was your experience?

I'm only looking for vehicles in my city, would never buy anything that i can't see for myself and test drive. But so far, i have found several SUV's that range from 5-7 years old, with 50K-120K mileage.

Or should i just go straight to the dealer and buy a vehicle there?

I'm looking at getting a Chevy suburban, yukon, or tahoe..........anyone have any of these models?? If so, please post your thoughts on them.........they just seem like a perfect fit for my family, nice cargo space, more seats and room which is what i need.
Old 05-25-2008, 10:54 PM
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Re: Anyone buy a car/truck from Craigslist?

It really depends on several factors. A dealer might be able to give you some sort of warranty. That could be a big plus on a used car. You won't get that from a private seller. However, with a private seller you're not going to be paying sales tax, etc.

As for buying off of craigslist I see it no differently than buying from the classified section of the local newspaper or off of autotrader periodical. You're going to go there and check out the car.

If you go to a private seller obviously get as much information out of them as you can about the vehicle. If they'll let you, take the vehicle to a mechanic and let them check it out before you buy. You don't want to buy something and 2 months later you're having to buy new tires, because the front clip isn't straight, because it was in a wreck, and come to find out it's leaking coolant too, because it was severly overheated a few times, and the valves knock. You get the point.

I've got a 1999 Chevy Tahoe. There's no possible way that I'll ever part with my baby. I don't care how bad gas gets. However, I'm also looking on craigslist to find a better gas mileage car....that I plan on converting over to electric. By the way, if you're roll on the gas easy and off the gas easy, don't get the RPMs over 2000 you'll gain about 2 mpg. At least I'm able to do that in my Tahoe. Right now I'm getting 15.5 mpg. The only time I get over 2000 RPMs is when I'm on the highway and I try to find someone going between 5 and 10 over the limit that I can get behind and draft. Every little bit counts!


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