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Old 03-10-2012, 02:16 PM
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Re: ESP VS Ibanez!

The Eclipse's are very nice guitars I had a CTM I the only thing I didnt like was the vintage black finish and ugly coloured binding, however if you want an LP the edwards are far closer...trouble is 90% of the time you would be buying unplayed, but i've never heard anyone who bought one from Japan complain about it really...

I've owned a fair few ltd's the nicest or best ones were the M-1000 I have currently, and the ninja 600 both were made in the wrold factory adn were very good guitars, not that far off from the eclipse I had other than the attenion to detail and finish being nicer on the ESP...

I still think ibanez are let down by their lo-mid models usually having not so great pickups
I even found the dimarzio ibz pickups bland compared to the v7/v8 pickups which I dont think are that bad...

Ibanez are offering more models that appeal to the metal crowd things like the RGA's and RGD's seem to really sell well..

I definately want a Jem in my collection, and maybe a JS-1000 which is a bit more traditional...

I currently have two 50 series LTD's one being rather special and heavily modified, but both are nice guitars..

ESP I think in some cases I prefer the neck profiles especially the extra thin U thats a very comfortable profile for me, they also offer some crappy ones like the extra thin flat which cramps my thumb the same way the wizard II did...

You cant beat the OFR for ease of use and reliabillity, however black nickel is aterrible finish unless it's done well, I had two black nickel knobs corrode within a few months with hardly any use, cosmo is a nicer finish...
Old 07-19-2012, 09:43 PM
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Re: ESP VS Ibanez!

I currently have an LTD EC-1000 and a couple of Ibanez Prestige models (S1520fb and SZ4020). They're in different classes, so it's not an entirely fair comparison. With that being said, the Ibanez's have better fit and finish, but the ESP has a very deep, rich tone that I don't get out of the Ibanez's.
Old 07-20-2012, 12:22 AM
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Re: ESP VS Ibanez!

Honestly, as a total lover of both this is an apples and oranges comparison.

I am going going to only consider what I consider "real" between these two brands, that's ESP (MIJ) and Ibanez Prestige and above.

ESP is a true custom shop.They'll build whatever you want, if you have the cash and the time to wait.Their custom shop is among the best if not the best in the world. The ESP standard series are awesome guitars. Tons of different options and choices, even though better if you live in Japan than the USA. ESP also offers a first rate luthier school and you have a high chance of working for them when you graduate.

All said, there is no other "big brand" that offers what ESP does.

Ibanez is a brand based upon in house design and OEM production. They cannot offer anywhere near the range of customization as ESP. They are production guitars, built to the highest standard. Great value for the money and IMHO the Wizard II/Wizard Prestige is the best neck ever. The RG is a classic and their in house design of hardware is first rate (Edge/Edge Pro/Tight End.)

Really though for me it's bang for the buck. I can buy a used RG550 and mod the hell out of it so I end up with a custom guitar and still come in less expensive than an ESP M1 standard. Not really fair,but true.Ibanez also builds the best case in the biz with the Prestige case.Seriously, a 10K ESP doesn't come with a case half as good.

That being said, if money is no object it's all about ESP. I prefer the Wizard II but could ESP copy it exactly? You bet. You get what you pay for in a custom guitar and ESP is the best option for this. Why? I could have just as much customization from "Joe's Customs" but the resale on ESP's is awesome. Even an M1 Standard from 1998 still is hard to find for under $800.00. On resale,ESP beats Ibanez too.

At the end of the day I love my RG's, if money were no object however I would have custom ESP's and never look back.
Old 08-30-2012, 12:54 AM
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Old 10-18-2012, 04:51 AM
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Re: ESP VS Ibanez!

Originally Posted by norvan View Post
Almost every ESP i've played, i've hated. The award goes to Ibanez.
K, Obviously u played Ltds, not ESPs.

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