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Old 08-18-2003, 01:29 AM
Scoff X  is offline
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Think it's time to move away from the UV777BK

Well I have had my UV for quite some time now (98 or 99 model I believe). I have purchased it new, but now I don't think I want the 7 string thing anymore. It doesn't fit with the band I play in and I found a new guitar I want.

My guitar is in great shape. Only left the house a couple times and played out on once. The mirror does have a crack on it and there is a lil blemish on the back.

Question is....any idea what it is worth and if I would be able to trade it for a Gibson Les Paul or SG?????

Thanks in advance
Old 08-18-2003, 02:51 AM
Jem7RB MK  is offline
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Location: Milton Keynes,UK
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Ok,trade are worth it to anyone willing to trade,say an sg for your Uv,Personally if i had an Sg i would swap in a hearbeat

I swaped my old Jackson Soloist Pro for my RG7620 which was minty beofre i got my paws on it,I thought i got the best part of the deal,he seems overjoyed as he was getting wrist ailments due to the extra width,So both partie's were happy.

Whom got the best deal? Neither,We both got what we wanted :-)

I guess what i'm getting at is,A trade where both parties agree,must be a good deal,no expense involved(most of the time)

I'm sure you'll find someone quite quickly,I'm not an SG lover at all,but the father in law has 2,there nice to play,sound good,I just prefere my Gibbo LP (which i would never trade,or sell) Yes it is that good :-)

Good luck on the trade,Lemme know what happens,I love the UV's

Especially Pyramids for some reason (Grrrr Rich) ;-)

Old 08-18-2003, 02:54 AM
Jem7RB MK  is offline
Join Date: May 2002
Location: Milton Keynes,UK
Posts: 2,355  -  iTrader: (20)
DOH !!! I'd personally value between 600 - 850 may sound harsh,or fair.This is what i'd be prepared to pay off the top of my head,Search eBay,and classifieds to get an Idea of a going price,It may be better selling the UV and buying an SG with a little cash for beer

Old 08-18-2003, 06:56 PM
Scoff X  is offline
Join Date: Apr 2001
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I think asking for a LP for trade is a bit much since everyone thinks they are gold and being used doubles their value (Talking like, 1990's)

SG sounds right for me.

Just finding the trade is going to be hard. EBAY has crappy deals

Any ideas where to post?
Old 08-18-2003, 08:17 PM
sry777  is offline
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I don't see why you want a 'paul for right now just play the 7 like a 6 (thats what Tony Maclapine did ) and maybe you could find a pickup and switch that instead of trading it all.(which is much harder )
Old 08-18-2003, 08:23 PM
Scoff X  is offline
Join Date: Apr 2001
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The UV just doesn't fit me at all.

And when you're moving around a lot, it's not easy to mute the B without a OMPH. which sounds like crap

gibson les paul , jackson soloist , les paul

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