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Old 12-23-2002, 02:08 AM
Akhenaten  is offline
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Location: Buena Park, CA
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This was kinda cool...

This guy that goes to all the tradeshows had some neat pics on his site of Vai's guitars...thought I'd share...
Old 12-23-2002, 03:00 AM
spacenuke  is offline
Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: new york city
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hmm.... seems kinda strange they have JEMs in an SRV display.

the last link has some cool pictures.
Old 12-23-2002, 03:27 AM
Kevan  is offline
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That "rock walk" pic is Guitar Center in LA. :-) The DNA in the pic was donated to them by SSV himself. I don't think it's for sale.

On that third link, almost all of those pics are straight off of
Old 12-23-2002, 05:37 AM
Aidreon Z  is offline
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damn... something tells me vai has more money to spend on guitars than me

nice swirl.
Old 12-23-2002, 09:35 AM
Rich  is offline
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: South Jersey
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Steve confirmed it's still his, he didn't give it to them. But damn if GC isn't killing it leaving it in the window like that!!
Old 12-23-2002, 10:18 AM
Two hands31  is offline
Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
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Must've confused SRV and SSV.
Old 12-23-2002, 11:24 AM
Reaper  is offline
Join Date: Apr 2002
Location: Ontario
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what's the axe in the second pic, farthest right?
Old 12-23-2002, 01:58 PM
mike777  is offline
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: Bellport Village - LI, NY
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Yeah! That DNA looks like the same swirl that was in the 2000 NAMM pics.

Mike 777 Haug
Old 12-23-2002, 02:00 PM
EKG  is offline
Join Date: Oct 2001
Location: OC
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Isn't that the prototype DNA? Why the heck do they have it in the window like that?
Old 12-23-2002, 07:11 PM
Akhenaten  is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Buena Park, CA
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They aren't confusing the SRV and Vai's just that all Steve has ther is the two guitars. The SRV disply kinda takes up the rest of the

But anyone near the Hollywood Guitar Center can go see them...
Old 12-23-2002, 11:31 PM
RAI6  is offline
Join Date: Jul 2001
Location: Lake Balboa, CA
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And as for the gallery (the third link...), you can find the expanded version on
It's interesting to see though, that apparently got most of their pics from the same source as this guy.
Scanned from some publication......
I was always curious about those little inset pics that were cut-off in some of the images.
Now I know the answer.
Old 12-25-2002, 12:39 PM
Akhenaten  is offline
Join Date: Jan 2002
Location: Buena Park, CA
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I asked about that...he said they were scanned from a page in Young Guitar. I assumed so, due to the Japanese writing, but thought I'd ask.
Old 01-13-2003, 09:28 PM
mercjoe  is offline
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Pine Bush NY/formerly Fairbanks Alaska
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Thanks for sharing these with us....great photos.

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