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Old 06-18-2004, 05:16 PM
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USA Custom, need thoughts

Hey guys,

I think I have finally decided on the pickups I want to slap in mu USRG30. I plan on keeping the Tone Zone in the bridge, but will stick an Air Norton in the neck. Has anyone done this and if so, did you like the result or prefer something else? I'm not a big fan of the PAF Pro that is in there now and want something better. This guitar needs a complete overhaul, so the pickups were one of the things I wanted changed. Any other mods that I should consider on this model of guitar? Thoughts on the AN in an alder bodied, maple capped guitar with a maple neck?

Old 06-18-2004, 05:52 PM
Gresh  is offline
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I have that combo in my RG-ART, the TZ/AN combo that is. It is without a doubt my best sounding guitar, but it's basswood with a thick maple cap. The alder in your USRG is probably going to be a little snappier. The TZ is nice and fat sounding, very big and not too mid heavy at all, but not scooped either...I find it to be the all-purpose pickup. If you find it too bright for the alder, maybe try a Steve's Special (like on the Petrucci models) I've got one of those too and it also sounds fantastic...but again, in basswood. Definitely more scooped than the TZ, but depending on the amp it can sound nearly identical, with just a little less emphasis on the mids. The TZ sounds just a bit more open and natural than the Steve Special, they are both fantastic pickups.

As for the AN, it's great. Nothing more to say on that. I'm flirting with putting a TZ/AN setup in my VWH as well, the evo's are just too much for me, very harsh and brittle sounding, just not my cup of tea.
Old 06-18-2004, 07:23 PM
SliderJeff  is offline
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Thanks, Gresh.

The snap of the alder compared to the mahogany and basswood of the other two guitars I am changing pups on is the reason I am sticking with the TZ in this guitar. The USRG30 is the brightest of my guitars, so it lends itself more to the low-mid oomph that the TZ has moreso than the other two. I'm hoping to get some nice singing from the AN and great articulation for sweeps and things of that nature as well. We'll see what happens when I get everything setup.

Old 06-18-2004, 08:05 PM
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I have an air norton in my main guitar. It is great sounded clean and really comes alive when i play funk riffs. It can also wail when it comes to dirty blues solos. :P

air norton , alder bodied , maple neck , paf pro , petrucci model , sounding guitar , tone zone

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