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Old 01-11-2013, 02:28 PM
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Re: Are JS guitars the best for small hand players?

If you can find a square heel S series from the late 80's or early 90's, that would be ideal. I have small hands too. I own a number of S series with different necks and the later Prestige necks from 2009 and up are definitely wider and thicker than the older stuff. I find my FGM400 the easiest to play, followed closely by an S1620 and then by an S5470 which has the larger Wizzard Prestige neck. All are AANJ but the first two have small frets. They still have a flat radius but the width of the board isn't as great as the latest Prestige guitars and it does make a difference.

In terms of fretting comfort for bends, I prefer the newer Wizzard Prestige necks as they have larger frets. So do some of the standard S540 series guitars from the mid 90's. I still find it easier to chord on the original Wizzard necks which is counter intuitive as there's less "meat" on the back to dig your thumb in. I also have a Les Paul with a 50's neck that's nice and fat (not the biggest 50's but it's no SG) and I'm fine on it as well.
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Re: Are JS guitars the best for small hand players?

You should really check out the Ernie Ball Music Man Luke before you get hung up on the Ibanez - the Luke has a very narrow fretboard that is too narrow for my hands but may suit yours and the guitar plays and sounds fantastic - the Axis also has a fairly narrow board but not as narrow as the Luke and the neck is fatter.
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Re: Are JS guitars the best for small hand players?

Originally Posted by DareIbanez View Post
Well, my hands are juuuust too small....Like childrens... Especially fingers are short...

And what about JS100, is it different like JS or it is just the same as RG wizard necks?

What about those new S470 guitars ? They are cheap and have zero point tremolo which is good for tuning problems,,,,,I could sell my rg550 and buy new s470 one and put fred/paf pro. But I think S470 have also wizard neck like for ex rg350.... Hm... But it has a smaller and light body....So my logic is , maybe neck is also smaller LOL
I know I'm late to the show here, but I would just echo what others have said and just play the guitars and see which feels right to you. Since I learned on a classical and play everything from mandolins to extended length 7 strings I haven't thought much about hand size. I have several RGs including a 470 and I have an S470. My 9 year old daughter has really small hands and plays all of my guitars except for my 7's. Yeah, she can't do chord voicings that I can, but I can't do ones that Vai does, either. So, again, find a guitar that works for you and that you will play.

ibanez js , joe satriani , js100

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