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Old 09-29-2006, 06:24 AM
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Country twang on a PGM?

Hi fellow guitar geeks,

I already posted this on the Ibanez Forum, but I thought it would be great to hear some additional comments from you guys

I'm looking for a quality fixed bridge guitar to company my "Bad Horsie" JEM. As the JEM has a floater, I'm looking for a guitar I can add a bit of country twang and pedal steel licks on my playing. (I used to have a fixed bridge guitar pre-JEM)

I love the neck (24 frets) and feel of my JEM, so I'd opt for for example Ibanez PGM instead of the more obvious Fender Telecasters, which brings to my question: I've always wondered why there seems to be no country twangers using the "shred-ready" Ibanez necks - do the long thin necks "flex" or something, making the open string pedal steel licks seem a bit easier out of tune or what - are there any serious country benders on this forum?

The 301 got the new 5-piece neck in 05'. The new construction does make for a stronger neck, so has there been problems with the older, "weaker" necks then?

BR, Chromeboy1974

fender telecaster , fixed bridge , fixed bridge guitar , ibanez neck , ibanez necks , ibanez pgm

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