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Old 01-28-2012, 10:04 AM
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Help me find good body for this neck!


I have RG170 neck with 24 frets, dot inlays, maple on maple, jumbo frets, normal 42 mm plastic nut and square heel/ not AANJ.

I'd like to find a replacement Ibanez body (not necessary RG170) that would take this 24 fret/square heel neck without too many mods, if possible.

I'd like to set it up to look/play like Andy Timmons guitar (non floyd, H/S/S).

I was gonna fit it into the strat body but problem is that this neck has 24 frets and I would have to route neck pocket on the body to make it 25.5" scale or shift the bridge routing a bit closer towards the neck (no way).
Also the neck would reach the neck pickup pocket which I don't want to lose.

Could you suggest me an Ibanez or replacement body that I can fit this neck in?
Is there anything available on ebay or privately?

I'm in Adelaide, Australia (zip 5011) so if you have something could you please give me
price plus postage cost to me?

Some specs measured on this neck:

length from the nut to the end of the neck: 49.5cm
width at the heel of the neck: 56.8mm
square heel length: 12cm
heel height: 26.5mm
nut width: 42mm
string spacing at the nut (from E to e): 33.8mm

Old 01-28-2012, 10:30 PM
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Re: Help me find good body for this neck!

Here are the photos of the neck.

Old 01-29-2012, 07:47 AM
stratoskier  is online
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Re: Help me find good body for this neck!

You can make that neck fit a standard strat-style heel by routing off the part of the heel that extends past the 22nd fret so that the fretboard from fret 22 to fret 24 is overhang. You have to be careful. Use a regular strat heel to make a template out of mdf wood or similar material, and route with a "pattern bit" (a type of router bit with a bearing that rolls along the edge of your template). Alternatively, take it to a wood shop and get them to do it. BTW -- at least two Jemsiters have done exactly this to an RG170 neck (me and lerxst6) and both came out well.

Also, do you necessarily want to keep it as a 24 fret neck? That neck can be converted from 24 to 22 fret by simply pulling the 23rd fret and cutting the neck through the old fret slot. You must then still route off the part of the heel extending past the 22nd fret to give the normal overhang.

Good luck!

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