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Old 11-30-2012, 07:23 PM
jeremywills  is offline
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NGD 82 Ibanez SB-70

I need to stop looking at Craigslist and the bay etc.... haha. Staying out of the local guitar shops for a while would probably be wise for my wallet too.

This thing popped up on Craigslist and I just had to go take a look at it. Of course it wound up following me home. Maple fingerboard. Right up my alley.

Mandatory pics of course.

Definately something you don't see too many of these days. Google search came up with some interesting facts about this thing. Supposedly only 300 or so were made in 82 only with left over Studio and Blazer necks. Never was in the catalog. Has the Super 70s pickups. Based on the information from several websites and picture from other owners this one I found seems all original. The hardware and pickups have some tarnish/rust on em but nothing I can't clean up. Typical for a guitar thats 30 years old. Same with the super thin finish being worn in various spots. I kinda like it as its a natural relic. No fake wannabe road worn modern day player here Also worth nothing that the sure grip knobs from this era of Ibanez guitars apparently go for good money second hand. I now have 3 of them.

All in all for 200 dollars and what might be an original case for it I'm pretty stoked. Case is in great shape even if it is not original to this guitar. The best part was this guitar was ready to go. The hardware shows honest play wear and age but its setup well. Plays well. Just tune to desired pitch and strum away. The guitar acoustically sounds really great. That thin stain finish lets it sing. All the electronics work with no issue. I very well might leave it as is. Might swap the pickups out at some point but these will do for now. Neck is amazingly clean considering the age. Frets are actually not that bad. A fret job will not be needed anytime soon thank god. That was one thing I was afraid might need attention before I had a chance to see this thing. Glad it wasn't the case.

Thanks for the read and letting me share. Really stoked about this find.


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Old 11-30-2012, 07:39 PM
IbanezDaemon  is offline
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Re: NGD 82 Ibanez SB-70

Great find!!! That's a real nice guitar. Love the roadworn look.
Very retro and very cool!!!!
Old 11-30-2012, 10:08 PM
maqify  is offline
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Re: NGD 82 Ibanez SB-70

Damn that's an old guitar, nice retro and looks kinda cool. Congrats.
Old 11-30-2012, 11:33 PM
RGTFanatic  is offline
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Re: NGD 82 Ibanez SB-70

Dude....That's BADD-ASS!!!!!!!!

I've never seen one before....I really dig it!!! seems like a great price too.......

Another beautiful old Ibby coming out of the gotta love it.

FWIW...that serial say's it's the 9th guitar Ibanez made in '82. pretty cool..........


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