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Old 12-14-2012, 03:56 AM
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Re: Gibson Les Paul with Floyd Rose - Never seen one before

In 1985, this was FR's answer to the LP owners who wanted a trem but didn't want to route their bodies. This FR trem unit was made specifically for the Gibbys and attaches directly to the factory LP posts just like a stop tail piece would. The only drawback is the neck required modification to install the nut...and its not a "floating trem" since, without the routing, you cant pull up on it...only divebomb. So its really a "Whammy Bar" not a tremolo.

I have yet to see one of these ultra-rare FR units for sale...but if I do, I'm buying it!!
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Re: Gibson Les Paul with Floyd Rose - Never seen one before

Gibson just release a couple months ago the Shred Les Paul Studio, with a floyd rose on it. Not my bag of tea, but just to let you know.
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Re: Gibson Les Paul with Floyd Rose

I had a early 91 or so LP custom lite. Loved that guitar. Had the features of a LP custom but with a killer floyd. It was a kinda red or maroon would be a better description of the color. Great guitar, but someone offered me too much money for it, and at the time I needed it. I wish I'd kept that guitar. Now though Gibson is selling the LP Studio Shred which has a real floyd installed. Jumbo frets, ebony board, etc,. about like the Custom lite..

I also had a Gibson LP studio lite which was for sure with a maple top. It had some hot 500 gibson pickups. I remember jamming with a guy and only his emg's on one of his guitars would keep up so to speak as far as gain with the same tube amp..

Great guitars.. (IMHO)

Originally Posted by butch View Post
In the late '80s/ early '90s, Gibson started to feel the heat of the "superstrat" (Ibanez, Jackson, etc). They worked with Wayne Charvel on some guitars that met with mixed reviews. The big complaint was that they "didn't look like Gibsons". Gibson then took their staple guitar, the Les Paul, and introduced the Les Paul Custom Lite. The guitar was about 1/2 as deep as a regular Les Paul, featured a waist contour like a strat, and didn't have a maple top (I may be mistaken on the last point). The LP Custom Lite came with the option of a Schaller Floyd Rose installed at the factory.

Gibson also did this to a SG (SG90 which also had a single coil in the neck) and a Flying V (Flying V 90).

These are not extremely common. They are often seen as a failed experiment by Gibson to be modern. I however, always dug them being both a fan of Les Pauls and of Floyds. Keep in mind, the shorter scale of the Gibson does affect the feel of the Floyd.


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