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Old 12-08-2014, 05:21 PM
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LTD MH-400 Bridge question

The LTD MH-400 has a licensed floyd rose bridge. The bridge itself is pretty decent, but I have a minor problem with the arm. There's a very very tiny spot in the center where there's no tension, so when diving and pulling up the change in pitch isn't completely smooth - there's this little 'pause' in the pitch change.

I was thinking maybe a push-in arm would solve the problem rather than swapping out the whole bridge, but wanted to see if anyone here has ever faced a similar problem?
Old 12-09-2014, 11:49 AM
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Re: LTD MH-400 Bridge question

This has been a problem with every bridge I've ever used except for the wilkinson type with the grub screw tension adjuster.

I believe the Gotoh Floyd roses also have this method. (As do the Graphtech LB63s), but I don't think there's a proper solution other than upgrading to once of the aforementioned bridges.

You can torque the **** out of the allen key on the bottom of the arm holder, and hammer down the tension adjuster to get it to work properly, but in my experience, the rotation of the bar in the holder will cause one or both to work loose eventually, and the problem with return.


I've owned 3 guitars with ZR bridges, changed one holder for a floyd holder, the other for a machined metal holder from Doobiz on youtube, and I've 2 guitars with OE bridges. Friends with Edge Pros, and tested a few EZ bridges here and there.

floyd rose

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