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Old 02-14-2002, 02:31 AM
Scoff X  is offline
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New strat color/ color combo. - Need your input

Hello, I currently own a USA floyd rose classic strat. H/S/S config. Plays unlike any other strat I have ever touched in my life..Which is quite a few. Took out the PAF pro that came with it and got a duncan custom custom. Problem: It is possibly the ugliest guitar ever. It is a cremeish yellow. Turtle shell pickguard, the knobs and pickup covers are all white with the exception of the duncan...So as you can imagine it is quite horrid. But i LOVE its feel and sound.

Recently I met a guy who painted guitars as a hobby. (He paints custom cars for a living, and has DAMN GOOD work.) He said he will paint the guitar for around a buck fifty...which seems like a decent price considering his work is seriously sweet. So i have been considering all the different color combos, and this is by far one being heavily considered.

Body painted Navy Blue Metallic ( as seen on the 98+ camaros and firebirds). Mirror pickguard and black knobs and pickup covers.

Black body, with same mirror pickguard and black knobs.

That is really the only combos I can come up with.....

Yeah I am a sucker for a UV777BK and own that combination...but the NBM might spice up the looks.

Old 02-14-2002, 06:46 AM
Juniper570  is offline
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New strat color/ color combo.

Turn it into a Charvel "Green Meany"
Old 02-14-2002, 07:38 AM
darren wilson  is offline
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New strat color/ color combo.

Personally, i think mirrored pickguards are totally cheesy.

On a navy blue strat, i'd put on a white pearloid pickguard and either white pickups and knobs if you're into a more classic look, or black pickups and chrome dome knobs if you're into more of a Tom Anderson look.
Old 02-14-2002, 08:56 AM
Two hands31  is offline
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New strat color/ color combo.

Here's what I think would look cool. *

That's a mirrored blue pickguard.
Old 02-14-2002, 07:06 PM
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New strat color/ color combo.

I think black Strat's with rosewood fingerboards, black pearloid pickguard &amp; white pickups and knobs look really good. But you have a black pickup now, right? I would go with the black &amp; mirror guard, I love that look too.

black pickups , classic strat , dome knobs , floyd rose , mirrored pickguard , paf pro , pearloid pickguard , pickup cover , rosewood fingerboard , white pearloid pickguard

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