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Old 02-12-2006, 11:21 PM
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Re: Pics of the elusive necktrough Yamaha Pacifica 1412!!

wow!!! nice group shot ... I love group shot....
Old 02-13-2006, 08:53 AM
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Re: Pics of the elusive necktrough Yamaha Pacifica 1412!!

Originally Posted by 90341689
the guy whos selling the pacifica has reduced the price to 400, do you think i should buy it? im thinkin about buying it so i can sell it for more to someone else who wants it, but i dunno if its worth the hassel!
You should buy it, and keep it. I dont know how long you ve been playing, or how much you know about guitars at this time. But these are great instruments. As I said, much better than a regular RG, and arguably better than a RGT3120/3020/320.

For england prices at 600 punds it was already a steal. For 400 pounds its just insane. You should check the guitar for important flaws, check the neck, check for cracks. If the guitar is OK, I would buy it.

But keep in mind its probably not an easy to sell guitar. If people actually got a clue about instrments, this guitar would be much more expensive. You may have a hard time selling this guitar, or you could get lucky and find someone whos willing to pay doble that money or more.

I wouldnt buy it to try to make a profit unless you are a dealer and know your bussines.

There are buyers for this guitar, but if you are a 15 year old with a tight budget, you shouldnt try to pull it off (you could end up with a guitar that you dont appreciatte or want, and that may proove hard to sell).
Old 02-13-2006, 11:16 AM
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Re: Pics of the elusive necktrough Yamaha Pacifica 1412!!

thanks for the solid advice dude, its really helpful. i've only been playing for a year and a few months, and i've only had and have still only got one guitar.
i play metal and im trying to learn to "shred", which is why im looking at ibanez and im looking at the rg1570 in particular because its not too flashy but i still know it will be solid and great for what i need.

im 17 nearly 18 years old and im in college so i dont really have a big budget, i think i will have to stretch my budget just to get the rg1570, and if i cant i will have to settle with an rg370dx

do you think that the pacifica will suit my needs, and do the current pickups have what it takes to produce clear, tight high gain tones? i dont have a problem switching pickups, its just that i think doing so may spoil the pacificas value. if i get a rg1570 i would put emgs in them.

thanks alot
Old 02-13-2006, 11:49 AM
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Re: Pics of the elusive necktrough Yamaha Pacifica 1412!!

The pacifica 1412 is hardly a metal oriented guitar. It was ment as a versatile guitar. You could make it sound more metal with the right pups. May be an Evo on the bridge and a high gain minihumbucker (like the Seymour Duncan Hotrails) in the neck will give you the kind of sound you are looking for.

The original pups are also Di Marzio, but they dont have the output you are looking for. I think the bridge position is a Paf Pro or something similar.

Since the pups that come with the Pacifica 1412 are widely available and still produced, I dont think that swaping the pups will have a negative effect in the value of the guitar.

I would recoment to buy the Pacifica and keep it. Until you can afford a PRS/Custom shop guitar/J Custom there will be no point in swapping it for another instrument. But remember, guitars are a matter of personal preference. You should buy whatever feels and sounds right to you!

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Old 07-03-2011, 10:42 AM
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Re: Pics of the elusive necktrough Yamaha Pacifica 1412!!

Hia every one!
There is a 1412 on ebay spain!



abalone inlays , bridge position , custom shop , custom shop guitar , high gain tones , ibanez guitars , paf pro , seymour duncan

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