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Old 04-30-2012, 01:36 AM
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Re: RGD2127 vs. RG1527 vs. anything else

I own an RGD 2127z and have test driven an RG 1527. The reason I chose the RGD 2127z is that honestly I think that the 26.5 scale is perfect for 7 string guitars. I've owned many 25.5 scale 7's and found that there seemed to be too much flab in the low b or drop a string when using the lower frets and when playing in the higher fret regions the frets were too close together for the thicker string causing the string to buzz off the following fret. I even tried making custom string sets by change to a thicker low b string which I ended up having to raise the action to get the string to play right. Now with the 26.5 scale I use the standard B to b tuning using .9's and have fixed all of my issues I had with the 25.5 scale. Not to mention my low B string height off the 14th fret is 2.0mm Ibanez factory standard setup height for the prestige 7 string guitars is set at 2.5mm and I have absolutely no buzzing anywhere on my guitar and the string tension in my opinion is perfect. As for design differences. I love the RG body style and always have. But, Ibanez really hit one out of the park with the RGD body. For one the lower horn is cut deeper for way easy access to the higher frets and the back of the lower horn is beveled out to make that even easier. Also tge bevels around the edge make it look like it could be the new bat mobile or a stealth fighter. I never use the tone knob so the single volume to me is awesome. And the 3 way toggle is alot quicker than the 5way blade switch and in the perfect spot where you can easily and quicly change your pickups by just sweeping out your pickhand and hooking it with your pinky. This guitar has been very well thought out and I very highly recomend it to anyone who plays 7's
Old 04-30-2012, 05:38 PM
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Re: RGD2127 vs. RG1527 vs. anything else

Thanks for your input but I've already bought, fell in love with and modded an RGD2127z about a year ago...
Old 01-18-2013, 09:44 AM
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Re: RGD2127 vs. RG1527 vs. anything else

Hi. I've bought my new rgd2127 and the action felt a bit high to me. I tried adjusting it using the manual, lowered the bridge and measured the height of the string. its a bit more than 2.5 mm for the lowest string at 14th fret but the string started to buzz and I can't bring the action lower than this. how could you adjust it to have 2mm string height? I really like to have the same action as you.


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