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Old 03-24-2006, 09:29 PM
JEM77BRMR  is offline
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Jem777DY Neck Refinishing ?

Question 1. After sanding the back of the neck, is tung oil the best thing to use on it, or do I keep it natural. I mean will tung oil offer any protection against dirt / grime. (pros /cons) I like the way it feels now.

Question 2. While cleaning the maple fretboard I noticed that quite a bit of the lacquer had worn away, so I proceeded to remove the rest of it per the directions in the tech section. Has anyone resealed there maple fretboard in lacquer? or should I just leave it natural?

If I don't reseal it how do I keep it looking as clean as it is right now. (Tung oil?)

I've read alot in the forum on this but couldn't find anything definitive on sealing the fretboard.

Let me know what you think,

Old 03-25-2006, 06:03 PM
ryanb  is offline
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Re: Jem777DY Neck Refinishing ?

In both cases, if you leave them unfinished, they will show dirt quickly. They will also be vulnerable to moisture and every substance that gets spilled on them. Tung oil (or Tru oil, etc.) will provide some protection for the wood without changing the bare-wood feel too much. It will, however, still need to be cleaned and re-oiled or it will wear and get dirty. If it were me, I would lacquer the fretboard, and then use either satin lacquer or Tru-oil on the neck, depending on the feel you want.
Old 03-26-2006, 02:07 PM
nightfiend14  is offline
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Re: Jem777DY Neck Refinishing ?

let me know how you chose to go on this as I have wondered somewhat about resealing a maple fretboard lately too.
Old 03-29-2006, 10:03 PM
JEM77BRMR  is offline
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Re: Jem777DY Neck Refinishing ?

After doing so I guess I would not recommend sealing a DY neck with lacquer. (at least with a rattle can of lacquer). It didn't stick to the frets(and I knew that would happen), so it pooled on each side of them. Also two of the pyramid inlays look as if they have little hair line cracks in them (This really pissed me off) I put on enough coats to hopefully save it in the refinishing process. Otherwise I'll have to strip it back down.........and leave it alone next time...............F**K!
Old 03-29-2006, 10:45 PM
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Re: Jem777DY Neck Refinishing ?

Use MinWax Satin Wipe-On Poly. Works great, easy to apply (wipe on with a rag), feels unfinished, and provides polyurethane protection. It's the best solution I've found.
Old 03-29-2006, 11:25 PM
JEM77BRMR  is offline
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: West Bend, WI
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Re: Jem777DY Neck Refinishing ?

Thanks, I'll make a note of that for future reference

maple fret , maple fretboard , pyramid inlay , pyramid inlays , tung oil

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