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Old 02-26-2004, 12:10 AM
Drache713  is offline
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unwound g-string vs. wound g-string

the string gauge i'm going to be getting soon contains both an unwound and a wound g-string it, and i'm not sure which i would want to use. it's 11-60 7-string set (with an 18 plain g-string and a 20 wound g-string) that i'm putting on my 7421xl. I know with a wound string it'll be slightly harder to play, but i've heard various arguements for it including better tone and intonation, and i know bigger strings in general sustain better and sound fuller/bigger. now adjusting the intonation/action/truss rod to accomodate the wound g-string wouldn't be much of a problem, but would I have to mess with anything else like pickup height or pole pieces or anything? can you guys steer me one way or the other?
Old 02-26-2004, 12:55 AM
wilch  is offline
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Bigger G-strings are kinda uncomfy, but when you get use to the perpetual wedgie that you have I'd expect you get use to it

But in all seriousness, you shouldn't have to worry about the pickup height at all. If you're happy with the tone you've got atm, just leave the pickup height the same. If the sound changes to the point that you don't like the way it sounds (too muddy), drop the pickups lower.

You shouldn't have to adjust the truss rod, atleast I wouldn't think it would make *that* much of a difference.

Old 02-26-2004, 02:18 PM
Drache713  is offline
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yea, i've also read that as an un-wound 3rd string gets older, it's harmonics start to become out of tune with the fundamental that's not good, so i might give the wound third string a try.
Old 02-26-2004, 04:41 PM
frankfalbo  is offline
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The original Fender single coil stagger was for a wound G. So the balance from string to string is more appropriate with a wound G. But almost every modern guitar hero uses/used a plain G, so don't take that to mean "better."

The split between wound and unwound strings is dramatic. Not just in feel, but in tone, volume, and intonation. If you look on a standard bridge there's sort of a separation to the intonation. From the high E down it goes: "close/mid/far/close/mid/far." If you look at a compensated acoustic saddle it's: "close/far/close/mid/mid/far." The wound G no longer is the most "intonation sensitive," and therefore farthest back of the top three, rather it is less sensitive, and closer forward like where the D is. So your intonation will need to be adjusted, much more than just changing gauges of plain strings.

Bends on the wound G will be less responsive. You'll have to bend farther to reach the same pitch as a plain G. Finally back to the pickup stagger, you may find yourself raising adjustable poles under the G like Fender singles, to make it more audible against the other strings. A long time ago I thought I'd like a wound G and I didn't.

pickup height , truss rod , wound strings

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