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Old 01-22-2005, 02:47 PM
Rudy  is offline
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Picking hand anchor and trem question

Where do you anchor your picking hand when using the tremolo bar?
I use the bar with my picking hand pinky and/or bottom of my picking hand.
I usually anchor my right hand on the top of the bridge but when I got the trem bar I can't anchor on the bridge anymore and end up anchoring on the bar which is no good because it causes unintended pitch variation.
My bar is loose and hangs low.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
If anyone knows a good video that helps with bar technique I'ld appreciate it.
Thanks in advance for the help.
Old 01-22-2005, 06:40 PM
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Re: Picking hand anchor and trem question

What bridge are you using? If you try getting hold of some bushings so that bar doesn't hang loose then that might help. When i use my bar i suspend my hand (anchor?) by resting my third finger on the body of the guitar about 2/3rds of the way towards to the bridge pickup.I usually use my middle finger+palm to manipulate the bar and keep my first finger+thumb free to pick etc. Although that's only if you're doing dips/slurred satriani things. If you want a lot of pull up on the bar i try to use my forearm for more anchorage on the body by holding it tighter on the guitar.
Old 01-22-2005, 09:09 PM
Rudy  is offline
Join Date: Jul 2003
Location: Long Island New York
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Re: Picking hand anchor and trem question

Thanks for the reply.
I'm using a Jem 7DBK and a Japanese RG570. I believe they both have Edge trems, but they are different versions of the trem.
I'll have to try that.

bridge pickup , edge trem , edge trems , tremolo bar

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