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Old 09-01-2006, 08:34 PM
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FS: Fender Blues Junior 1x12 Tube Combo Amp

Iíve had decent luck with the Jemsite classifieds so far, so before I FlEaBay I wanted to see if folks were interested. Iím selling other stuff on here too so feel free to check it all out. If you buy more than one thing, the deals will start to add up. And also note, I had what Iíll call an ďUnforeseen Technical SmashidentĒ with my digi-camera, and will not be getting a replacement until next week.

Possible Trade Items: Vigier Excalibur, Eric Johnson Strat or 70ís (Like, the actual 1970ís) Strat + Cash, MoogerFooger Ring Mod, Boss Octave Pedal, Looper Bypass Box, Decent/DURABLE digital camera .

This is for a Fender Blues Junior Combo Amp. 15Watt Tube Amp with the 12Ē stock speaker. Spring reverb, Fat Switch, Chicken Knobs, Black Tolex. Iíve played this less than 20 hours. Great shape, some white scuffing on the bottom of the amp that you cannot see when itís in position.

One cool piece of history with this amp. I formerly interned and worked as an assistant engineer at Waltz Audio in Boston, a very well known commercial studio. I was practicing with this amp once alone in a studio, and a bunch of cats walked in. One of them saw the amp and asked if he could use it for a session. I obliged, and he plugged in one of those shure green bullet microphones, for harmonica. He proceeded to shred the living daylights out of it. I forget his name, but he is a well known harp player. He put some of his voodoo blues in this ampÖprobably some greens and reds too. Those tracks ended up on a recording.

These originally go for about $400. Iím looking for $300, that includes shipping to the lower 48. Email me any questions, and good luck!

combo amp , eric johnson , eric johnson strat , spring reverb , tube amp

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