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Super Rare American Master MA3HH Transparent Purple

The American Master series were a limited run of Ibanez badged guitars made by American luthiers in California in 1990. There were VERY few made because the few luthiers couldnt keep up with demand. They are the highest quality RGs, the best youll ever see.

Parting ways with my beautiful, USA handmade beauty! In great condition.
Beautiful birdseye figuring in the maple neck through with quilted maple body wings, mahogany back, matching transparent purple stained headstock. The candy stain brings out the beauty of the quilted and birdseye maple!

The neck looks to be 2 pieces of birdseye maple. Real Abalone/Pearl block fretboard inlays, not the cheap plastic stuff. Natural wood binding on the neck.

BODY: Gorgeous 3/4" AA quilted maple top. The neck is birdseye maple neck thru the top only, making the top solid maple and the back a solid piece of mahogany. Very rarely done this way, due to the time and effort. But it surrounds the neck making the sustain "infinite"! This guitar is WAAAARRMMM sounding when you want it, but can very easily become brite like the alder bodied Ibanezes. I can get pick harmonics all over this baby!

NECK: The 2 piece AM wizard neck is not like your standard original wizard. Its both rounder in back and feels thinner, having less shoulder and fitting in the palm better. Suffice to say, if you like thin and fast necks like the Ibanez wizard, you will LOVE this one. It has a superior feel in a lot of ways. The American Master wizard neck through gives easy access to all 24 frets with no neck heel getting in the way. The neck was sanded to remove the finish, making it feel like a wizard neck should. I recently had this guitar cleaned up by a luthier who was shocked at how the neck was straight as an arrow considering it was not played for over 12 years!

BRIDGE: Lo Pro Edge with gunmetal finish in very good shape has a little bit of surface pitting I'm guessing from where I rested my hand when I played.

ELECTRONICS: Neck: DiMarzio PAF Pro (factory installed p/u) and Duncan JB in the bridge, replacing the Double Whammy. I replaced it because the Whammy jst didn't have the bite I wanted. 5 way toggle switch 1) Bridge 2) Neck split + bridge split, hum canceling, 3) Neck + Bridge, full humbucking mode 4) Neck, paralleled coils 5) Neck, series coils. All new wiring, pots, switches.

Cosmetic Condition: This is not a mint museum piece. It has been gigged. From 2 away all you notice is a stunning guitar. From close up it has the usual dings and scratches. Nothing too bad or anything that keeps it from being a stunningly beautiful guitar, see pics.

This guitar has been recently fret leveled, polished frets and fret board, replaced all the pots, input jack and wiring.

Guitar sounds amazing, plays beautifully and looks gorgeous!

Anyone who knows about the American Master series knows these guitars are the holy grail of Ibanez!

A little background:
One of a kind! I ordered this in 1990 directly from the Ibanez factory. They made this guitar and a duplicate around the same time. One was for me, the other for Larry Mitchell. Larry's guitar went out to the NAMM show that year and the neck was broken and destroyed. Fortunately for me they had already shipped me my guitar. As a result, this is the only American Master with Transparent Purple HH configuration in existence that I'm aware of.
I ran into Larry Mitchell a few years later (1992 or 93) at a studio here in New York and showed him the guitar. Needless to say he was envious, to say the least! But we laughed about the events surrounding the guitars.

I am asking $3500 for this guitar, which comes with the original case. As I stated, this guitar is RARE and highly collectible!

I don't know how to post pics here but I would be happy to email any and all pics I have of this beauty! Until then, I'll try and figure out how to post them.
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