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Old 10-13-2009, 08:53 AM
D1m3b4g2  is offline
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A warning about someone flogging an RG Jigsaw 20063

Note: Sorry, RG Jigsaw not Jem, mods please edit if you can

Just a short warning about someone on the bay who has blatantly been part of a fraudulent shill bidding scam that I was affected by recently.

The item was up for sale from seller "2hightower" within the UK.
I bid on the item from about 700 upwards to 900, every single time I placed a bid it would increment by 20 quid suggesting I was bidding under someone elses highest bid.

Eventually I reached 900 and the guitar sold for 920, as I'd hit my cap, I stopped bidding.

I then get a message less than 24 hours later offering me a chance at the guitar because the "winning bidder would not contact them". Seeing as you're meant to leave 2 weeks grace period before attempting an unpaid item strike this smelt fishy from the start. Not another "last chance" offer using ****, just a direct verbal message.

The conversation then went along the lines of

"the winning bidder will not contact me, make me an offer on the guitar?"

"sure, tell me if taking the p*ss here, i'll offer 750 for it, lets negotiate on a price"

"yes you're taking the p*ss, I wont take anything less than 1,200 for it and then it's a bargain"

So er... the guy just msged me within 24 hours of the sale ending claiming the winner bidder would not contact them and then tried to sell it to me for 300 more than the final price on the bay.

Clear case of complete and utter auction rigging and abuse. I'm willing to bet my life the bastard started to panic when the guitar was going to sell for 650 quid and then slapped a massive bid up to the reserve he wanted using another account. Possibly another one of his or a friends.

Clear dishonest case of shill bidding, verging on fraudulent behaviour and I'd suggest if anyone comes into contact with "2hightower" they stay as far away as possible. I sympathise with the fact the guitar was going to go for less than he wanted, but it's his own damn fault for not setting a reserve on the auction. The controls are there and the outright dishonest nature of this guy is shocking.

Clearly lying to me about the non paying so called "winner" and the way I was contacted within 24hours, to me, is outright proof of the person's dishonesty. You have been warned.
Old 10-13-2009, 11:18 AM
NickCormier  is offline
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Re: A warning about someone flogging a Jem Jigsaw 20063

report him on e bay
Old 10-13-2009, 01:06 PM
jono  is offline
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Re: A warning about someone flogging an RG Jigsaw 20063

title editted.
Old 10-13-2009, 04:35 PM
MarkE  is offline
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Re: A warning about someone flogging an RG Jigsaw 20063

I saw that one myself - it sold once then got relisted within a week by another user with exactly the same location, using exactly the same pics and description.

It smelled fishy enough for me to stay well clear.
Old 10-14-2009, 05:26 AM
D1m3b4g2  is offline
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Location: Gloucestershire, England
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Re: A warning about someone flogging an RG Jigsaw 20063

Just as an update, I called their bluff and wrote to them explaining I wasn't best pleased with being offered the guitar for 300 quid more than final selling price and explained I wasn't best pleased that they'd shill bidded the guitar to prevent me from buying it. Told them it was fairly obvious what they'd done to prevent me from buying it for 700 quid.

They cacked themselves and offered it to me for the final price that it went for on the bay, they also tried to pass off the blatant artificial inflation of the price on "being confused" and resorting to claiming they are the wife of a sick man in hospital and they're selling the guitar collection in order to pay fees.

The NHS in England is free... anyway, it's obvious to me what has gone on, so needless to say I don't trust them at all and I'd almost feel bad within myself taking the guitar for 900 quid. They want more for it, it IS worth more, so basically I've told them to go away, sell it honestly and get the price they want for it.
Which annoys the s**t out of me because I *really* wanted that guitar.

Just because they've decided to be a dishonest c**t doesn't mean I'm going to start behaving in a similar fashion.
Oh, and I did write to evil bay explaining what had gone on.
Seems the sellers items for sale have mysteriously disappeared overnight.
Shame that.

Last edited by D1m3b4g2; 10-14-2009 at 05:39 AM.
Old 10-14-2009, 08:14 PM
IbanezDaemon  is offline
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Re: A warning about someone flogging an RG Jigsaw 20063

You did the right thing reporting them mate. I was watching that guitar too and as MarkE said it came up twice. There wasn't much movement on it and I thought about having a punt on it myself. Glad I stayed clear of it.

I reported a dodgy dealer last week there selling a Jem that had 2 set's of different pictures. 1 set of a fake Jem then close up's of the real McCoy. Seller was offering free postage. His feedback was 0. I think his ID was assist130, location was Edinburgh. The bay pulled the ad the next day.

20063 , ibanez rg , jigaw

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