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Old 05-05-2003, 05:20 PM
reguv760  is offline
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Eminence speakers

Just wondering if anyone has Eminence speakers in their cabinets. How are these speakers compared to Celestions in terms of quality and tone. I was hoping to upgrade 2 speakers I have in my Carvin 4x12 cabinets with Eminence Legend V12's as i've heard they're voiced like Celestion Vintage 30's. And, would these speakers handle distortion well? Any bad/good reviews will be appreciated.

Old 05-05-2003, 05:38 PM
Mr Orange  is offline
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I had a 100W Eminence in my VHT 1x12. Very tight, very pronounced midrange. A bit too tight for my taste for live playing, but recording the thing was a breeze. Now the cab has a Celestion G12T75, and it's somewhat looser. I've heard lots of good about Eminences, they say they just cost less than Celestions but are as good.
Old 05-05-2003, 06:26 PM
oooo  is offline
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I started using Eminence when I bought a VHT also. I've sense sold the VHT and moved to Budda, but still use Eminence. I prefer them to pretty much everything I've used. I simply find them warmer then celestions, less aggressive sounding.
I don't find they sound at all like celestions. You need to try them b/f you buy.
Just another one of those personal opinion things... pretty much like everything in the signal path between your fingers and your ears.
Old 05-05-2003, 06:28 PM
Gearjunky  is offline
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That's all I ever use. Since I started using VHT cabinets, Celestions, EV's and Jensens sound like crap in comparison.
I'm currently running all Eminence P50E's in every cabinet. They are tight, tons of bottom end, and don't break up like celestions.
You just have to realize that VHT Eminence speakers are not the same as the ones you buy over the counter. VHT builds them custom for their stuff.
Old 05-06-2003, 07:18 PM
Carlo  is offline
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Yeah, i've been using my friend's VHT cabinet for my Laney GH100L and VH100R head and they are sooooo much better than the stock Laney cabs....not as shrill and harsh sounding. I also tried Mesa cabs w/ V30s they sound quite good but I still prefer the VHTs by a lot.
Old 05-18-2003, 11:38 PM
Petie  is offline
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I have them in a Crate cabinet. They have more headroom than Danny Devito in the driver's seat of a double decker bus, and are punchier than Mike Tyson on a first date.

celestion vintage , mesa cab , mesa cabs

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