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Location: Singapore
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Line6 or Mesa?

Argh it's a pain in the ass buying gear here in Singapore. There's no Mesa dealer around so I've very little chance of trying the equipment before I buy it. So anyway, I've decided to move up from my tech12 Trademark60 amp I'm weighing the following alternatives (All with a mesa 2*12 recto cab):
A line6 PodPro into a mesa 50/50 (or 20/20 or simul2:90)
A mesa triaxis into the same above poweramps
A mesa Dual rectifier (the 3 channel one) with the 2*12 cab.

Due to such dismal circumstances where I have to buy blind, I'd LOVE to get as much feedback from you folks as possible! The following info might help
I own a POD currently, and use the rectifier setting *almost* exclusively. I'm playing through an Ibanez RG2027 (which I love to bits) I play mostly originals these days, but my influences, both musically and "tone-ally" are the following:
Dimmu Borgir, The Kovenant, Metallica (especially the new stuff), Megadeth(mostly the old stuff..), Inflames, SymphonyX, Arcturus, and so on
Any and all feedback is GREATLY appreciated. I don't post here regularly but I read very often.. You guys are just a wealth of knowledge (not to mention smart funny and friendly). So anyway. Let rip and come what may Hopefully I get a really good buy out of all this heh.
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Line6 or Mesa?

I have 2 words for you.

1. Tubes

2. Tubes
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Location: Alabama
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Line6 or Mesa?

Yep, stay with tubes...go for the dual rect. I did !
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post #4 of 57 (permalink) Old 06-15-2001, 08:40 PM
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Location: Pennsylvania
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Line6 or Mesa?

* * This is not really so tuff... *I say go with the rectifier. *The same thing will maybe happen with you that happened to me. *You'll tire of the over-the-top balls and bass sound of the rectifier and musicians that play that way. *Sorry if you are older than I am and have been listening to this type of music for a long time. *I now like the finesse precision music of chops players (Vai, Johnson, etc) much more and found that my recto didn't work so well for that kind of thing. *I still love my recto though, because I still thrash out now and then. *So buy one!
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post #5 of 57 (permalink) Old 06-15-2001, 09:11 PM
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Line6 or Mesa?

It really depends, but I'll tell you this. I run a line 6 hd flextone into a 412 cab and the guitar player in the band down the hall from us uses a mesa 3x rectifier into a 412. We both use *at least 5 effects, and nobody can tell the difference. We have the exact same tone. I don't buy new tubes, and I have other amp settings and effects settings. Oh, and mine cost 1/2 as much as a 3x rectifier. I'll probably getting blasted but tubes are overrated (especially in metal) Look at the growing list of artists using solid state or digital amps. Plus its what you do with it. I've heard a carvin solid state sound better than a tube marshall dsl, so it depends on how you play. Tubes are dinosaurs, tempermental, inconsistant and are only really neccesary for certain sounds that ss and digital can't perfectly emulate. But your list of band influences don't really have that necessity. I am now prepared to get burned at the stake. :-)
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Location: Tidewater Virginia
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Line6 or Mesa?

I am a tube fanatic, (more aptly said Mesa fanatic,) but mmr7 states a good fact that you can easily get away with solid state with modern metal. *But look at players like John Petrucci, he could never get away with solid state; whereas Dimebag Darrel can. *One tone with tones of gain can be done by lots of Solid State amps. *Look at Crate amps. *Most of us shudder to hear the name, but if all you want is a tightly focused high gain sound, they can be quite usefull. *I had a Line6 AXSYS/AX2 and Pod Pro (gave them up for my current Triaxis and 20/20 rig if that tells you anything.) *If you cover a LOT of ground Line6 is a good way to go and it does it fairly inexpensively. *If all you use is the recto setting on your POD I will tell you now there is a HUGE difference in their model and the real thing. *Not to say it's so much better to your ears to compensate for the price differences, but it's there. *I made a preset on my AX2 that sounded so much like my roommate's Trem-o-Verb Recto combo that if you were in the stairway you couldn't tell the difference. *However, put them side by side and his tone blew me away big time.
So my advise is this, if you only use the recto preset and have the $$, get a recto, you won't be sorry. *If you need lots of versitility, keep the pod and get any of the mentioned power amps or get a Triaxis and any of the mentioned power amps. *I'm a firm believer that any decent SS preamp can sound very good with a tube power amp. *You won't be going wrong with any of the rigs that you described. *It's all a matter of what you really like and what you can afford.
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Line6 or Mesa?

Hi I have seen and spent time with many of the bands you mentioned. let me tell you that the recto would be great for getting a dimmu or Kovenant type sound and of course it can do the metallica thing. But I have played through several of these things and can tell you it is vary hard to get a really good in flames type sound from.
now the triaxis is a little more versitle but I feel the same way about it. *Now I have found it way easier to get all these sounds from a pod. *And I think as long as you use a tube power amp the pod sounds great. *and just for note Micheal Romeo from Symphony X gave up his triaxis for a pod pro and Jeff Loomis from nevermore also uses the pod. *And on a final note none of the bands you mentioned currently use mesa gear except metallica.
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post #8 of 57 (permalink) Old 06-17-2001, 07:05 AM
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Location: Sweden
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Line6 or Mesa?

I have a recto and I want a Triaxis. I have a Pod which I donŽt use, Žnuff said!
Get a Triaxis!!!
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Location: Morgan Hill, CA
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Line6 or Mesa?

yes go for tubes whenever you can.....I don't like a original mesa compared to a line6 mesa.....the originals have WAY to much bottom end for me....I like the crunch on the line6 but the volume kinda sux unles you mic it and all that crap....but yes go for tubes whenever you can.....tubes are the only way to go
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post #10 of 57 (permalink) Old 06-17-2001, 05:36 PM
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Location: Alabama
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Line6 or Mesa?

Keep in mind, modeling amps only try to copy certain amp sounds (usually very poorly). Why settle for a copy when you can get an original. I have never heard a non-tube amp that can sound like a tube amp...and I doubt I ever will.
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post #11 of 57 (permalink) Old 06-17-2001, 05:47 PM
Join Date: Dec 2000
Location: Alabama
Posts: 334
Line6 or Mesa?

btw...yesterday, I bought a POD (just to see why so many guitarist use them). I can see why some people use them. It's a cheap option for home recording. Forget using it to replace a tube amp but it is a nice piece for practicing through headphones after the family is asleep.
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Location: Wilmington, NC
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Line6 or Mesa?

Get the Triaxis, you will NOT be disappointed!! Ever since I've had mine I've never even thought about buying anything else (except a diezel i played once, but lets face it, not too many people have $4500 laying around). The triaxis has a mode for the dual recto in it (the orange channel of the dual recto). If you got *a mesa 2:90 poweramp you would be able to get the red dual recto channel (which i feel is WAY too muddy) The Mark II C+ and Mark IV channels are just pure tone heaven. Of course you wont have all the effects that the Line 6 has, but the Line 6 dosent have the tone of the Mesa (or any tube amp) has. I would pick good tone and no effects over crumby tone and a bunch of effects; but thats just me. I personally dont like the dual recto, its too muddy and the clean channel isnt the greatest. But the triaxis has pretty much every mesa amp in one rack space and is extremely versitile (more versitile than the Line 6 if you ask me). :shoot: modeling amps
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * :thumbsup: tube amps
good luck

PS: Kyle, you have the same setup as I do
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Location: Ishpeming, MI
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Line6 or Mesa?

Have you hugged your tubes today?:biggrin:
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post #14 of 57 (permalink) Old 06-17-2001, 10:10 PM
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Location: Alabama
Posts: 334
Line6 or Mesa?

as for me, give me tubes or give me death!
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post #15 of 57 (permalink) Old 06-17-2001, 10:19 PM
Join Date: May 2001
Posts: 91
Line6 or Mesa?

But what kind of music are you guys playing? You all say, "tube! tube! tube!", but tubes aren't always what's best. If you downtune at all, tubes can sound very sloppy and muddy, and can't keep the bottom end together like ss and digital. I recently saw static x live and they sounded awesome!!!!!!! And they use $300 marshall solid state heads. I stood right in front of Wayne's system and not once did I saw "this would sound better with tubes" so it really just depends on what's most important to you.
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