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Old 02-12-2001, 04:00 PM
keith  is offline
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Mesa/Boogie Triaxis - what do i need?

I have finally decided to work hard and take a big leap. I like the triaxis, and will probably buy one once i can try one properly.

But i am of limited means: will i be able to plug it in the guitar input of the clean channel in my current amp? [Laney LC30].

I'm not able to buy a triaxis, simul2:90 and recto cab all at one go.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.
Old 02-12-2001, 09:55 PM
Christopher Chen  is offline
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Mesa/Boogie Triaxis

I've tried this before the results were horrendous
If you want something better from the Triaxis thru a combo, make sure your amp has a preamp in input to by pass the amp's own preamp.
Seriously putting the triaxis thru a combo's really sounds bad.
You don't really need to get a simul class 2.90, any other reasonably good powamp will do. Why not a mesa 20/20 or 50/50. As for cabs...well to me they're just speakers (Yeah Right!).
I've taken a triaxis for a spin for a month or so on loan from a friend. And I felt it does not suit my needs and useage, to get that true distortion tone, you gotta turn it up really loud! A little too loud for my humble sized apartment.

But if it's dual rectifier tone you're looking for, why not try out one of the mesa combos? The single rectifier series...rectoverb is a pretty good buy as well. Tremoverbs, Mark IVs...*drool!*

Good luck man!

Old 02-13-2001, 02:51 PM
keith  is offline
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Location: Malta - Europe
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Mesa/Boogie Triaxis

I dont know...i was planing on going on a trip to their hollywood store to try some stuff out. What suits me i buy. However as of now the triaxis is main contender, mainly cause of its versatility.

I could plug in the fx-loop return and see how it goes, however the fx-loop has a mix knob and at max it delivers a 50/50 mixed signal.

I considered the 20/20 option as well, but as i said i am of limited means and barely have enough for the triaxis.

dual rectifier , recto cab

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