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Old 12-30-2012, 03:02 PM
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Hey guys, I just bought the Bogner Uberschall Pedal a couple of days ago and it is sweet. I play with either a musicman silhouette or ESP ltd jh-600 with emg 85 in the bridge. I play through a Fender Super 60 Rack into a Marshall 1912 cabinet (not sure what speaker). Now I've used almost every pedal out there. The Suhr Riot was my most recent and although it has a great sound to it, it just didn't click with me. The Uberschall on the other hand is absolutely fantastic. It sounds nothing like a pedal. Less gain than I thought it would have but the sound is very close to amp clips I've heard of the Uberschall. It has the basic functions such as Mid, Treble, Bass, Gain, and a boost with a "predecided amount of gain" with a volume adjust (useful for solos or a tad more gain). It's extremely clear and cuts through very well IMO. With the gain maxed out it produces a saturated type of distortion for heavier playing, it's still clear and is actually useful. This pedal is phenomenal.

Sorry no pics or clips yet, maybe by the end of January I'll have some.

fender , pedal , review , silhouette , uberschall

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