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Old 08-10-2007, 09:27 PM
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Problems With Scratchy/Distorted Playback After Recording.

Currently whenever I record something with my FireWire410 (eg. guitar/vocals) the playback of the recorded track sounds distorted and scratchy. When I play directly through the interface the audio is fine but when I click the record button in ANY program (eg. Ableton Live/Riffworks) The audio I hear while recording and the audio I hear when playing back the recording is distorted and scratchy.

There used to not be a problem at all. Recently, though, I upgraded my computer and got a new motherboard (Gigabyte GA-965-S3) which, unlike my old motherboard does not have an onboard firewire port. This forced me to buy a PCI firewire card (VIA OHCI Compliant). I have all the drivers to all the devices in my computer up to date. And like I said the only difference in the system since it worked is the firewire card being used with the new motherboard. The standard audio (eg. MP3 playback/games) work properly.

I've tried disabling IRQs, though nothing is conflicting (I can't seem to actually change the assigned IRQ for the firewire card). I've tried changing buffer rates and the recording driver that is used to record but the problem doesn't change. When the recording worked fine everything was at default anyway.

The distorted sound itself is not just small pops or clicks or anything small. The entire audio is wavy, scratchy, and muffled. It's kinda' like having flange and distortion effects heavily applied while playing under water, though nothing in the programs are changed from their default setting - which worked fine before.

Lastly, I'm currently using Windows Vista 32-bit but I used Windows XP 64-bit with this system's exact setup as it currently is and the problem was also there, so Vista alone is not the problem. I believe it's the firewire controller card but, as mentioned, all the audio is perfect except for recording playback. In other words as soon as the interface has to process an incoming signal the problem is applied to the sound. I've tried all four inputs on the interface, too.

Anyone have any advice?

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