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Old 05-31-2007, 09:47 PM
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Basic Electronics

After reading a thread about dpdt switches i decided it would be a good idea to just get all the basic guitar eletronics on the table.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert i do electronic wiring as a marine mechanic, however I do mods to all my own guitars. i.e. guitar mounted boost, home made susatiner, and i put in killswitches and that basic type stuff.


Singlecoils: basicly a single wire wrapped around six or seven single or one soild pole to amplify a magnetic signal. One hat wire one ground wire. some people like to use the ground as a hot and the hot as the ground i forget what this is called but it causes a different tone.

Humbuckers: Two single coils. Humbuckers can be installed many different ways. i.e. the basic DiMarzio pick up has the wiring configuration setup: red, green, black, white. now there are two wires for each "singlecoil" of the humbucker. The most basic set up is . . .

SERIES-the signal runs int the hot side of the one "singlecoil" side and out into the other "singlecoil" side then out to the potiometer.

PARALLEL-This set up is like running two singlecoil pick ups right beside eachother at the same time. the signal goes into one "singlecoil" side and out to the potiometer, at the same time the signal goes through the other "singlecoil" and out to the same pot, the same post. This causes the sound to appear to be one pickup instead of the literal two that it is.

Coil Taps: The Basic principal behind the coil taps is switching between single coil, humbucker - or series, parallel. If you have wiring issues fell free to im me and I'll help you out. SEE DPTP

Volume Potometer: What happens here is one post is the in put the center post is the out put and the other end post is the other out put usually a ground the electricity goes into the input and the turning of the knob determines howmuch of the signal goes to the out put or to the ground. When it goes to the ground you get no sound.

Tone Potometer: Same idea as volume except that on the ground side you put a capasistor of your chosing between the post and the back of the pot. This acts as a filter. Instead of grounding the whole electronic signal it only grounds a fequnecy and higher so it gronds the highs and the lows go out through the out put post. If you want to tweek the highs and get rid of lows you need a booster. Caps ground higher wave lengths before lows so lows will always be louder.

DPDT: Double post double throw.
its an on off switch with six post on the back.
NOTE: it has six post but its pairs of three- on the left you have (from top to bottom) an input, an output, and another input. so if you have a signal going in the top and the switch is down it goes out the middle, flip the switch up and the signal going in the bottom and out the middle. The other three posts are identical in function its like two swithes in one.

TPDT: Triple post double throw.
Same as DPDT except it has three sets of poles instead of two.

NOTE: some of the above switches come in a style that has a center position. there are two veriations - all on or off. JS series have an on-on-on swith up is a single humbucker, upper pole on the switch: center both humbuckers, both poles top and bottom on the switch: down the other humbucker, the othe post on the switch. The off position switch turns off in the middle - no kidding.

Potometer Coil Taps: Its a DPTP switch in a knob.

JACKS: The outer rim is the ground. The tip is the positve or mono. and the center ring is the stereo or left channel. the tip and the center and the sleeve are separated by the plastic rings.

if you have any complaints such as spelling i dont care, I'm just trying to help. If you think im wrong - oh well. If you have something to add please do hopefully people come here for a sorta glossory befroe they post questions. If you have questions for me PM me.

coil tap

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