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Old 12-22-2006, 01:57 AM
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Building wiring scheme with 3 hums

Hi everyone...

I have an Ibanez RG270, this was my very first guitar, and till recently it was in very poor conditions.

I decided I should rebuild this guitar, and actually make something worthy out of it.

I already begun by getting a new bridge, since the floyd was really worn, bolts where stripped, and what not.

I just dumped the original pickups (really bad quality and hums only had 2 conductors) and got some "decent" hums I wasnt using from my Jackson (RR1 Roads), which are:

# BRIDGE PICKUP: Duncan DesignedŽ HB-103B Humbucking Pickup
# NECK PICKUP: Duncan DesignedŽ HB-103N Humbucking Pickup

Both with 4 conductors, yet nothing great.

I was thinking in making the usual Ibanez wiring for the RG's ( ), but getting 2 push/pull pots to be able to switch the hums between (par/ser).

Like I wanted to replace my single coil, I ended up with some HotRails from Seymour... I never realize I was actually throwing another humbucker into the scheme, and this was gonna kinda break my H-S-H wiring I had in mind.

I've been looking for wiring mods using 3 hums, but I found non... =S
Just this simple scheme, which has a weird way of taping the coils.

I'm looking for a way to wire my pickups, and get a kinda flexible system, something like... from my Hums to "strat-like" sound... But I've been wondering how complex can the wiring scheme get with 3 hums, since Im no wiring expert, I do fear complex connections. =S

And in the end, I dont know if doing lots of combinations with 3hums are actually worth it, I've read 3 hums are actually not a good idea, and using more than 2 hums at the same time, can kill the sustain terribly.

I've also read that many phasing combinations are actually worthless, although some people like em.

I thought of setting the HotRail in series, and leaving it just as the middle "single coil" in the H-S-H scheme and just playing with my hums using the push/pull pots, to get them in series/parallel modes, just like in this scheme ( ). I find it as a good option, what do you guys think? =\

But I dont know if playing with the Hotrails is actually the key, to get a more flexible scheme, instead of the hums.

I just bought the gear, I ended up getting the 4pole 5way switch, and 2 push/pull pots. Here is a pair of pictures of the switch I got from

I had this idea of getting this pickup config (Or something close to it).

A guy help me out, and he came with the idea of doing some scheme like this with my neck/bridge hums: , and then adding and tapping the middle pickup using the DPTP pots.

And well, I'm just looking for help building the wiring scheme, since my electronic skills are really poor, I would really appreciate if someone could help me out building such thing.

Thx in advance, and happy holidays to you all! =)
Old 12-30-2006, 03:06 PM
dope_maggot  is offline
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Mexico
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Anyone??? Help plz =(

bridge hum , bridge pickup , duncan designed , humbucking pickup , neck pickup

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