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Old 08-12-2007, 06:39 AM
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Couple of questions on pots etc.

Ive basically got a bitza 777, the wirings been played around with a fair amount at some stage, volume capicitor melted, 5-way had that much heat put thru it the fingers inside the switch have distorted! looks like Stevie Wonder was let loose with a roll of solder and a blowtorch.

Anyhow, most of is has been junked now.

Two questions though.

1. For the volume capacitor I need a 0.047uf (50v) ?

2. The tone pot (Which is the only bit thats servicable!) is stamped on the rear 76k ? with a 223k capacitor. Surely the value of the pot isn't 76k?
Old 08-12-2007, 09:39 AM
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Re: Couple of questions on pots etc.

Hey man,

0.047uF is too high a capacitance for a high pass filter or for use as a treble bleed capacitor... you want something more in the 1nf or less .. the standard is to use a 330pf capacitor but a 390 or 220 wil not be noticably different... Though I dont believe it makes any difference ... you hear that it is alway best to go for the capacitor with the biggest dialectric.. so I would reccommend going for something like this

They are expensive but you wont get a better quality cap for a high pass filter.

As far as the tone control goes all Ibanez use 0.022uf caps ... the in fashion posh cap to go for at the moment is a the Sprague metallised film cap... but these are quite pricey

You could go for a Japanese cap to be more authentic... like this

Tis much cheaper and wont make any difference ot the tone (to us mere mortals maybe EJ could tell)

The pot definatly isnt 76K your right... its a 500k log pot.. I dont know what the significance of the number on the back is ... I dont know who Ibanez current pot supplier is but its probably Alpha...

Hope this is of some help

Old 08-12-2007, 01:06 PM
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Re: Couple of questions on pots etc.

Kind of hoped you would reply, looked back thru a load of old capacitor related posts and you seemed to talk the most sense, so many people quoting different capacitor values etc.

I have taken your advice and ordered the Caps suggested

Cheers for the help I agree with what you say about the different between caps being un-noticeable, certainly not to the human ear anyhow!

high pass filter

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