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Old 02-08-2013, 11:05 AM
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Custom Wiring Ibanez HSH Push-Pull

Hey there,

I have an Ibanez RG 3570Z Prestige guitar with an HSH configuration (Tone Zone in the Bridge; True Velvet in the Middle; Air Norton in the Neck) and I've been wanting to add some tonal options to it.

I bought a 5-way Superswitch and a Push-Pull pot, and I have a pretty good notion of what I want. I sent DiMarzio several e-mails, as I didn't find exactly what I wanted online. They didn't come up with the exact wiring I want either, and don't seem to be making much effort helping me...

I want something very similar to this:

The wiring when the pot is down is the same I have right now, and I want to keep it. The main difference is, when the pot is up, in position 4 and 5 (according to the image), I want the outer-coil of the bridge pickup to be active, instead of the inner-coil. I also want the push-pull in the Tone knob, but I suppose that's not big of a deal.

Can anyone give me a hand with this?

Old 02-08-2013, 04:04 PM
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Re: Custom Wiring Ibanez HSH Push-Pull

Have a look here...
Old 02-08-2013, 05:56 PM
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Re: Custom Wiring Ibanez HSH Push-Pull

So, I suppose what I want is impossible to do?

Also, does that mean this diagram (*******.com/r/v7sac1/6) doesn't do what it's supposed to do?


push pull superswitch hsh

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