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Old 04-03-2006, 03:09 AM
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petrucci's pickup sets

hey i was writing to see if someone could clear this up for me. im a massive fan of john petrucci(what sane guitarist isnt?), and i know he has used a few pickup combos over the years, i was just wondering when. i know he has used the 'Tone Zone- Humbucker from hell' combo, and the 'Steves special-Air norton' combo'. i was wondering when he changed combos. i always thought he used the TZ/HH combo for images and words, and he used the SS/AN combo for Awake, right up untill he changed to musicman guitars. but i see that the steves special wasnt made untill 1995 and Awake came out in 1994, so was he using the tone zone for Awake? Also, in his old black and white picasso seven string, i see that the neck pickup pole pieces are the 'alan key' type' not the 'stud' type. does that mean he didnt have an air norton 7 in his ibanez 7-string? was it a blaze neck pickup? I know he used a universe before he got a custom 7 made, maybe he liked the blaze neck.
Cheerz guys
Old 04-03-2006, 12:35 PM
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Re: petrucci's pickup sets

here's how it goes down:

when day and dream unite: used a bunch of guitars ibanez sent him...whatever was stock in those, a js1000 and maxxas were in the fold.

images and words: custom shop jpms with HFH and TZ in pickup rings

awake: same jpms with air norton and steve's special direct mounted. recorded all sevens with a stock universe.

falling into infinity: same jpms, custom 7's with regular blaze's. also used rickenbackers and talmans on to track with

he used these up until his EB endorsement. his new rigs are basically the air norton and steve's special with all allen poles. he is also using the d-sonic for standard and drop d.

anybody else, feel free to update. this is pretty much the pickups jp was using. he was always changing his amps, generally centered around his triaxis, though. i am sure he has everytinh MB makes, though...he is after all john petrucci.

Old 04-03-2006, 03:32 PM
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Re: petrucci's pickup sets

Yeah well what you've said is what ive always thought, its just that Awake came out before the steve's special was officially released, so he must have used them before they were released to the public by dimarzio. so he actually used blaze pickups in both positions in his custom 7? thats interesting. cheerz man

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