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Old 07-08-2002, 07:14 PM
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Please Analyze My Wiring Diagram..need help

So, I've been waiting 3 and 1/2 weeks (!!!&amp;^*&amp;^&amp;!!!!*&amp;%^&amp;#!!!!!!.... ....!@#%^!!!!!) for my RG2020, and I already have my replacement pickups and toggle switch for it, and found out they shipped it just TODAY. But in the meanwhile, I just spent about 5 hours yesterday trying to figure out and wire a multipole switch into another guitar that has three humbuckers. It's similar to some other diagrams I've seen, but my pieces don't exactly match the other setups. I wired it for the following switch positions:

1: Bridge (Dimarzio X2N)
2: CoilTapped Bridge + Middle (Dimarzio ProTrack) (humcancelling)
3: Bridge + Neck
4: CoilTapped Neck + Middle (humcancelling)
5: Neck (Dimarzio ProTrack)

I got it all wired up, it's very noise free in all positions, but positions 2 and 4 are noticeably much quieter. I can understand how half of two humbuckers joined together might be a little quieter than a series-wired Dimarzio X2N, but I can't live with this kind of volume difference. SO, I raised the middle pickup and lowered the bridge and neck, so all positions now have roughly equal volume, but NOW the problem is that positions 2 and 4 sound the same because when the neck and bridge pickups are really low and coil-tapped, the middle position is producing all the volume and tone.

Please analyze my diagram, tell me where I went wrong, or suggest anything else that might help my situation.
Thank You VERY much.

bridge pickup , bridge pickups , pole switch , toggle switch

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