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Old 03-11-2016, 08:05 PM
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Re: Canadian Dollar at $0.70 US

Going from Canada to the US, the duties are extremely negligible. I've sold to the US tons of times, and the guys barely had to pay any tax if anything at all. It was all fully declared/insured and some guitars have been like $8000 and the guys said they didn't get a tax bill which is odd.

Like DorianGrey said, we get mauled on taxes here. It's really really brutal.
Old 03-12-2016, 02:07 PM
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Re: Canadian Dollar at $0.70 US

Originally Posted by doriangrey View Post
That's a good question - I'm not sure how it works when shipping from Canada to US but shipping from US to Canada is not cheap. For example, it I were to buy a $1,000 RG from Rich I would pay about $350 in shipping, taxes, duty, etc. (this is based on the estimate that I found on the shipping cost calculator on borderlinx). Factor in the fact that it costs about $1,350 CDN to buy $1,000 USD - that $1,000 RG I am looking at on Rich's site will wind up costing me close to $1,700 CDN by the time it gets to my house. =(
Yikes!!!! That's rough!
Old 03-19-2017, 12:46 AM
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Re: Canadian Dollar at $0.70 US

Yea we get hammered with duty and taxes (~18% I think)

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