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Other 6-string Guitars (non-Ibanez brand)

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  1. Schecter Sunset Swirls - Anyone see these?
  2. Epiphone Goth Series LP/V/Exp/SG = Any Good?
  3. Hello, Relic is love
  4. NGD: Mai Guitar (50/50)
  5. Green Strat(s)
  6. Jackson Dinky DK2
  7. Gibson Firebird anyone?
  8. Antichrist V Medieval Woodcut Daemoness VI
  9. Not sure what to get next...
  10. Schecter Banshee Elite with Sustainiac
  11. Mr. Potato - Korean (handmade?) guitar
  12. What model Hamer is this?
  13. NEED HELP with Dimarzio Chopper T and Area T wiring diagram
  14. NGD - Chapman ML1N
  15. Extended Fretboard Guitar
  16. Which trem arm?
  17. Your favorite color
  18. Help Identifying Serial or Model Number
  19. Endorsements: Thank you but I'm not interested.
  20. NGD Music Man JP6 Mystic Dream
  21. Steve Vai "Jack Butler" clone guitar build.
  22. NGD White Whale Tele
  23. New Custom Build :D
  24. Charvel Masterbuilt San Dimas Zebrawood and Wenge
  25. new les pauls
  26. Custom guitar with Mahogany Body- Hard Ash neck
  27. H&K Switchblade plus Charvel San Dimas Demo
  28. Long Delayed NGD! E-II SV
  29. NGD custom guitar S series
  30. Looking to trade a 1985 G&L Rampage
  31. Luthier Custom "Ibanez AT100 Like"
  32. Sterling guitars for sale
  33. My third Carvin has arrived!
  34. NGD! ESP E-II SV
  35. NGD: Schecter superstrat
  36. Couple of Non-Ibby Guitars
  37. NGD Cobweb Van Halen.
  38. Thinking about a new gutar
  39. anybody who tried Edwards esp Potbelly? does it have a gibson les paul fat tone?
  40. NGD: 2010 Epiphone Annihilation V
  41. NGD: Warmoth Strat project guitar
  42. Need help identifying this guitar please....
  43. NGD RKS Wave.
  44. A couple old "tones" I cleaned up, using as wall art.
  45. Kirk buys Gibson's Holy Grail
  46. Thinking of selling (6 month old EJ strat)
  47. NGD (or, NCD): Bohemian Guitars Surf Wax custom
  48. NGD: 2005 PRS Singlecut
  49. Cardboard Stratocaster
  50. ESP LTD SN-1000FR FM
  51. Swirling for the first time :)
  52. Extra FLY NGD....
  53. One Mean DEAN VMNT Mustaine Signature!
  54. NGD
  55. Kramer guitar help needed. Neck/Body
  56. Fender/Strat guys- help me out.
  57. project guitar! a swirl of a different type.
  58. Fender Longboard: Revolutionary or Revolting?
  59. Original Edge vs Gotoh OFR
  60. NGD! Vintage Deluxe 767 Flying V
  61. info on Lawsuit period guitars?
  62. NGD Charvel Predator.
  63. Pickups for Ibanez 540S
  64. NGD plus Goodies! (PICS FORTHWITH!)
  65. Saying Goodbye with Les Paul Axcess
  66. EVH Guitars & Charvel EVH Guitars
  67. RG2020x Wiring Diagram
  68. Jackson Fusion Professional info
  69. Music Man St. Vincent vs. Glenn Tipton's Hamer GT
  70. Your local music store closest to you
  71. NGD, Kiesel Vader V6
  72. Floyd Rose Special vs Original. Real Experience needed
  73. NGD: .strandberg* Boden 6
  74. The great and powerful DIA !!!
  75. What is your favorite guitar body shape?
  76. ESP M-II on Aliexpress - Faker than FAKE??
  77. New Project Guitar Day
  78. NGD At Last: JS6400-An Experimental Hand Build
  79. my first fender
  80. Custom Call 'The Wino' Built By Local Luthier
  81. NGD Kramer Voyager.
  82. Fender Strat Swirl
  83. Jackson JTX STD PRO
  84. New Jackson Day....AGAIN!
  85. NGD. Les Paul Tribute
  86. The longest you have owned a guitar?
  87. Crazy amount of finish fading on PRS
  88. NGD x 2 - RG3120 and EBMM BFR
  89. Help me to identify this guitar
  90. Ever had one you just couldn't make play well?
  91. Fret markers alignment and symmetry important?
  92. Music Man vs. Sterling vs. OLP - What's the difference?
  93. NGDs: Gibson Flying V '98 Ser
  94. Mayones vs Carvin Kiesel Custom?
  95. NAD: NAD: Crate Stealth GT-50 & Yamaha RGX 1212S
  96. NGD - EVH Gear Wolfgang Stealth HT
  97. Aristides 060 lead demo video!
  98. NGD! sorry its not a jem or an ibanez
  99. Ibanez S 7 string guitars
  100. What kind of guitar is on this album cover?
  101. NGD: Fender Limited Edition Sandblasted Ash Telecaster Sapphire Blue!
  102. My new Carvin DC600
  103. Fishman TSV Powerbridge vs Schaller Floyd
  104. CSL Dan Armstrong copy ??
  105. Can someone tell me if this 1995 PRS 10 top for 1700 is a good deal?
  106. The Carvin Numbers
  107. Been gassing for something new
  108. NGD: Hamer USA Goldtop P90
  109. Jackson Fusion vs RG feel: String spacing or radius?
  110. MIM Jacksons and Charvels
  111. Congratulations Reverend Guitars
  112. Schecter Banshee Elite
  113. Ibanez, Suhr Modern, or EBMM Majesty?
  114. NGD Teuffels x2
  115. NGD: Caparison Angelus complete with 80's rock star history
  116. Should I buy a vintage Charvel?
  117. NGD: Hartung Caligo!!!!! (LP on crack)
  118. 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional
  119. Hagstrom with Floyd rose
  120. Daemoness Cimmerian 'Malleus Maleficarum' Build Thread
  121. NGD : Taylor Solidbody Custom
  122. Guitars with thick/fat necks
  123. More Teuffels!!!!
  124. USA Strandberg Koa Run!
  125. NGD Jackson USA Goodness
  126. Schoen Guitars
  127. Malmsteen Strat - opinions please
  128. Please help to indentify my Les Paul
  129. Looks like Jackson want's back into the shredder market
  130. All I can say is WTF?????
  131. So I tried out an E-II FRX today
  132. Stolen: Ernie ball music man jp7 prototype prototype from namm booth
  133. Jason Becker Numbers Guitar...looks like it finally happened
  134. My Oldest Guitar
  135. Worst "professional" swirl ever?
  136. Chibanez in the Philippines? Where to find?
  137. Nearly Naked Telecaster Build
  138. Line6 Variax JTV-59?
  139. 2014 Fender American Deluxe playability
  140. So I sent my Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee to Marty Bell
  141. New pick up day
  142. 6-string neck with the same feel of 90's UV?
  143. Chibanez Bad Horsie guitar
  144. NGD: CS G&L Strat!
  145. NGD Hagstrom HB-8, 8 String Bass
  146. NGD - 1969 SG Standard
  147. NGD
  148. ngd PRS CU24 with 10 top
  149. Going on vacation. What guitar should buy?
  150. Pawn Shop SCORE!!!
  151. LTD MH-400 Bridge question
  152. Dommenget Custom Powerstrat
  153. New Frankenstrat Build - To Paint or Not?
  154. Tried a Tokai strat today...
  155. Should string touch fretboard?
  156. Info about ESP M-II Custom 1993
  157. Warmoth Wizard vs Wizard II (current)
  158. Older ESP M-II Standards: Difference between NTB and Bolt-on versions?
  159. NGD: Black Water DII (insane freboard)
  160. FGM100
  161. Best HSS/SSS stratocasters under 200 GBP?
  162. Stratocaster: Tokai vs ESP vs Edwards vs Fender Japan
  163. EVH OOTS Line art Wolfgang build.
  164. NGD Classic Player Strat HH (Merc Blue)
  165. Finally sending out the 560 for paint and pickup??!!!!
  166. Gibson Les Paul with "Min-Etune"??
  167. Sustainer or Active Pickups?
  168. NGD! Custom Carved Top Tele Build
  169. NGD: Steinberger GP
  170. A Wolfie in search of a name.
  171. 'WTF' Scratch Guitar Build
  172. My Charvel So Cal arrives today!
  173. Washburn N24FNMK
  174. musikraft neck
  175. N*PINK*GD with custom painted strap!
  176. Yeah, 2 more teles
  177. wolfgang stoptail = fail
  178. New Floyd Rose Trem Model
  179. Ibanez Blazer Bl 450 identify
  180. NGD: Mayones Regius 6, Trans Negative Fade Blackburst
  181. Basswood body with flamed top.
  182. NGD: (Squier Strat) + Test drive video
  183. Herc Fede Tribute and Legacy(only pictures)
  184. Martin D28 - TUSQ Saddle Install Issues
  185. Swirl 12
  186. Got me a Tele
  187. Charvel So Cal Pickguard question
  188. Set up a friend's Fender '62 Reissue - video and thoughts
  189. Roland G-5 Wow!
  190. Ernie Taylor Swirled Jem
  191. Original Kramer 1984 EVH 5150 help identifying
  192. A few photos of my guitars
  193. NGD: Music Man JP6 mystic dream
  194. Carvin custom USA DC600 video review and tone report
  195. Rondo Music?
  196. Swirl #
  197. Hamer One Piece Maple cap one piece body
  198. NGD Everything I ever wanted
  199. ibanez neck on a washburn body? and other questions.
  200. Fender Stratocaster Swirl FSR - Thomann 60th Anniversary special run
  201. NGD Jaden Rose Guitars
  202. NGD Gibson Les Paul Ghost Flames.
  203. NGD : Rick Hanes Shredguy, made in Indonesia
  204. NGD!! Rare Japan made Jackson
  205. NGD: Custom Shop Jackson V --- 30" MONSTER SCALE!!!
  206. Reccomendations for shorter scale neck thru
  207. Halo guitars.
  208. PRON! Carvin JB200C in Nagoya
  209. RIP Herc
  210. I need sustain, and I'm prepared to buy anything.
  212. What is with Takamine and country musicians?
  213. Yellow
  214. In Which I went on a Tele buying binge
  215. NGD: Gibson Les Paul 2013 Traditional
  216. Gibson Custom Shop Glue.. really??
  217. Ibanez JS100 Neck on Fender Body.....
  218. NGD! Carvin JB200CFDP4BST!
  219. LTD question?
  220. Bono, the Edge join Fender's Board
  221. NGD: EVH Wolfgang USA Stealth
  222. I have a 1960s replica wire tune-o-matic but it lacks sustain
  223. I have a 1960s replica wire tune-o-matic but it lacks sustain
  224. Almost NGD: Carvin JB200CFDP4BST
  225. Picked up a Yamaha RGX612S
  226. Chibson. Maybe...
  227. Yet another luthier hangs up his tools
  228. NGD: PRS Private Stock #3304
  229. Carvin custom shop DC600 video review
  230. Fender closes New Hartford plant
  231. And I thought I had seen everything....lol
  232. NGD! MIJ Robin Medley
  233. SUGIZO Navigator
  234. Anyone know how to read Peavey serial #s?
  235. Mastercaster Garage of Matthias Jabs
  236. Surprise of a Lifetime
  237. Action of guitar supposed to get progressively higher as you reach 24th fret?
  238. Todays Pawnshop Find
  239. Anyone see the new Fender Am Dlx Strat Plus
  240. NGD: Cort M520 P90
  241. My first "nice" guitar...
  242. 1959 Les Paul
  243. Serial Number Info
  244. NGD: Gibson M III
  245. NGD: PRS SE Orianthi
  246. Carvin custom shop DC135M video review
  247. What the HELL happened to guitar prices? insane inflation?
  248. NGD again! (+an old photo to share with you all)
  249. PRS SE Orianthi Signature....thoughts?
  250. Vintage Charvel Strat Headstock