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  1. Tracks from my wedding CD (no laughing!)
  2. Real Tube vs Amp Simulation (tone test)
  3. Steve Vai
  4. New ideas
  5. New ideas
  6. Home Recordings
  7. Suggestions?
  8. My Cover of Back In Black
  9. The Animal
  10. Just got the for the love of god video
  11. Yahooo Recording with my new AMP
  12. DR-880 Dr. Rhythm
  13. The Demon
  14. My little portfollio
  15. Think i've nailed the Vai tone...??
  16. New Recording
  17. Let me know what you think of my new HEAVEN SWIRL!
  18. A song of mine.
  19. Instrumental Ballad
  20. Some acoustic improv
  21. A pic of my latest addition
  22. New song. Please let me know your opinions
  23. Toni Lloret videos
  24. FireGarden at Dunbrody festival 24/7/05
  25. Some Classical Music
  26. Started working on a new instrume(n)tal
  27. Testing new video
  28. JEM PMC swirl recovery: pics inside!
  29. Finally, I can share some tunes too!
  30. Has anybody got a really good Summer Song backing track?
  31. [Bosch] [Jazzrock] [ Naumburg.mp3]
  32. Can anybody play eugene's trick bag?
  33. A short clip from my new record :)
  34. Zakk Wylde Trib to Dime
  35. your critique, por favor (again)
  36. NEW SONG: Harmony guitar + vocals + Drumkit from hell = City of Boyd
  37. New songs. Check out please
  38. some short clips from my work on my album
  39. acoustic fingerstyle tune
  40. how do i post a song?
  41. Its a Classic, so...
  42. gm pic update
  43. Kid Shredder.
  44. My version of Eruption
  45. FireGarden - storm in my heart download
  46. [Shaq & Bosch] Reason_in_Madness.mp3
  47. For your listening pleasure/Walking By Myself
  48. My Live Band Video: Omission- The Prince
  49. Some prog metal mp3s...
  50. 75_Seconds_of_Wisdom.mp3 [Geoffkhan & Bosch]
  51. Some cheese for ya
  52. Playing with a Varitone
  53. vai and satriani studio jam
  54. Steve Lukather Demo
  55. Wylde Style!
  56. Noodles noodles noodles
  57. wanna hear what simple gear and chops sound like?
  58. Video of me playing!
  59. 2 tunes played with my new 7621 :)
  60. Me an the RG7CT on stage!
  61. New Song "Answering The darkness...."
  62. Some guy from myspace
  63. anyone know where to find....
  64. New guy and his noise
  65. My new prog-metal song! (MP3)
  66. Tribute song to Yngwie
  67. Please listen to this.Comments please
  68. Breakfast with Joe!!!!
  69. DD3 demos anyone?
  70. Clippage: "Steel Blades" - an original solo instrumental
  71. New songs
  72. A few fun videos I put together!
  73. something different with jemvsbl + sustainer (clean)
  74. New Rusty videos
  75. some tunes using the jem and assortment of amps--->>>>
  76. PODxt record testing
  77. Mindless Shredness!
  78. How about this
  79. smooth shredding
  80. Not your usual mp3...
  81. best band ive ever heard!!!
  82. Lots of acoustic vids (Tommy Emmanuel etc.)
  83. a group of new videos...
  84. Cover Song I'm Working On
  85. Singer Wanted!
  86. New Song, Freak Out!
  87. For the Love of God Video here...
  88. New Song
  89. New songs for my demo album
  90. T.A.T.U "all about us" prog-metal remix
  91. My Custom Jem
  92. Updated my site
  93. Hot Guitarist's videos...
  94. Another RG550 swirled by Tubarao. And getting better!!! LOADS of pics inside...
  95. Anyone has Vai BSB demo from Guitarrist?
  96. fat people are jolly
  97. Mumbo Jumbo on the Geetar!
  98. john petrucci(booklet)
  99. Solo Videos from a few of my band's songs.
  100. Paul Gilbert sweep picking with his TEETH!!
  101. Anyone here like metal shred...??I have a new song
  102. Ugur Dariveren
  103. Mattias and Vai's video
  104. Video of the new USA fender floyd rose...
  105. CHUMBO SWIRL: sperkle gray and a little whity. Pics inside!!!
  106. Backing tracks
  107. Looking for Michael Fath Hard Rock Studies Audio
  108. Anyone have David Letterman perfermance?
  109. Rg 350dx mods
  110. 350dx pictures
  111. How about a little Parisienne Walkways
  112. 7th heaven Demo cover
  113. Rogosonic CD preview
  114. A Night To Remember
  115. swirl fans take a look!!!!!
  116. [Bosch][Jam Session Jazzrock][Portofino_30.mp3]
  117. PICS: My "new" USRG20TP
  118. My Attempt on Brown Sound.
  119. Cover: Far Beyonf The Sun
  120. PICS: J-Custom Refinishing Project
  121. [Shakeel & Bosch] Rana_temporaria.mp3
  122. Mass Cow Suicide.
  123. what do ya think? refined rg550
  124. Opinions please for re-finish of custom jem
  125. Vai video
  126. Paul Gilbert 2005 Clinic Clips
  127. check out my project
  128. pod xt clip oppinions
  129. Jam Trax
  130. Satriani Clinic in Moscow
  131. Dream theater very funny moment (video)...
  132. Whispering a Prayer midi, anyone ?
  133. covers, pink floyd, megadeth, iron maiden, + more
  134. pics of my strat project.
  135. Eric Johnson Backing Tracks
  136. PG and Mr. Big
  137. please help ID this song.
  138. My first go at Always with me........
  139. Juice backing track?
  140. your critique, por favor (pt III)
  141. My attempt to record off a tube amp !
  142. new vai videos
  143. One of my pieces
  144. Another one from me
  145. update to Always with me, you
  146. And now a third...
  147. check out my pieces, its a heavy metal project pretty brutal! please listen.
  148. What in the world?
  149. What's this? Yngwie freezing up.......
  150. Vai on Howard Stern from way back when...
  151. Pseudo Jazz ...
  152. Satch's Cryin'
  153. For Those Who Thought the Fred Sucks for Metal...
  154. Perpetual Burn Backing track by J.Becker
  155. You have to see this Asian guy on a Strat?
  156. A little holiday music
  157. ~ [ Bosch_and_ShaQ - Gateway_of_Infinity ] ~
  158. Custom Jem project complete!
  159. Im 16 been playing two years: what you think of my playing??? (CLIP)
  160. yngwie pull off
  161. Chopin's etudes?
  162. marshall avt100 sound clips, PLEASE!!!
  163. Care to share your thoughts? about this
  164. Post your guitar collection.
  165. A New Progressive Death-Metal Song! Comments, thanks!
  166. Get with the HYPE!
  167. Christmas cover tune!
  168. Steve Vai Guitar Battle
  169. Christmas Cover - TSO Christmas Eve Sarajevo 12/24
  170. looking for rainbow tab
  171. Interesting live video
  172. Steve vai music videos
  173. Need Summer Song backing track
  174. same guy that did canon...
  175. Video of me playing
  176. Eric Johnson Live Austin City Limits DVD
  177. Danger Will Robinson!!
  178. a few shred clips
  179. Ron Thal vid, baby! :D
  180. Sisters BT
  181. spreading the robot boy gospel
  182. Paul Gilbert and Marty Friedman on Japanese Game Show
  183. Cool guitar vid
  184. Went to Ishibashi...
  185. Mattias Eklundh and Jonas Hellborg Video
  186. Um Guitar Solo......
  187. My new song
  188. my band's myspace "Vesectatron"
  189. Pictures of JEM
  190. 2 shred/blues guitarist do a Purple Rain improv
  191. Analog/Digital hmmm..... (please listen)
  192. a la Stanley Jordan (indonesian guitarist)
  193. Fastest Solo In The World, 9600bps :p :D hahah
  194. For the love of god
  195. My version of For The Love.....
  196. video: robert fripp making music for windows vista
  197. epic...
  198. Anyone want to hear my lack of talent?
  199. Vidcasts
  200. My noodlin' vid
  201. Guitar shred
  202. Steve's Special Clips
  203. Really cool video .
  204. have you seen this little fella?
  205. This guys good
  206. Photoshop from scratch.
  207. Look At This!!!
  208. New year, new song... um.... Thingy!
  209. Aching hunger on newsnet
  210. Development of your Alternating Picking Guitar Lesson
  211. New single 'Mistaken' by my band PRITHVI
  212. New Song-Under a Moonlit Sky
  213. can someone post a JSX combo clip, please?
  214. Havent Posted in Over a YEAR or TWO So heres some gifts..
  215. you guys like thrash?
  216. Paganini 24th Caprice by a GIRL :)
  217. Lotus Feet Tablature
  218. IbanezCollectors Wallpapers NEW AND OLD
  219. What chord is this.. I need help
  220. 8 stringers?
  221. Esteban rules!!!!
  222. a few new seven string clips
  223. Steve Vai Videos Heres An Idea
  224. Pictures of two new swirled Strats
  225. Me playing "Big Trouble" solo
  226. Floating Bridge Video Help Clips
  227. Floating Bridge Video Help Clips
  228. Do you Still Got The Blues......
  229. Slinky Pinky Thingy
  230. request: i believe i can fly
  231. Tender Surrender
  232. John Petrucci - Damage Control help needed
  233. backtracks
  234. Coolest video I have seen in a long time..
  235. My video of Dream Theater's As I Am solo (first 15 seconds) + Offspring's TKAA solo
  236. PODXT users Unite.. Share your presets.
  237. Canon in D/Shred vid
  238. Rogosonic cd finally available
  239. A song of mine for an important school project
  240. Awwwwwww........
  241. My Recordings
  242. Songs that give ya the chills at times..
  243. "In my dreams with you" backing track?
  244. 3 Petrucci Backing Tracks WOW there perfect
  245. Windows USERS this MAC guy needs your help PLEASE
  246. Joe Satriani webcast
  247. technical difficulties backing track, please.
  248. help with video uploads
  249. Song for my babe on Valentines' Day.
  250. VIDEO DOWNLOAD: Its my duty to please your booty...