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  1. Avenged Sevenfold - Drummer Found Dead
  2. Lets swap our original Albums, via Mail !!!
  3. Chris Poland of OHM, ex-Megadeth in Raleigh on March 20th
  4. Question about Steve Vai's 80's equipment
  5. Help get Devin Townsend in Hottest 100
  6. Some of the BEST SOLOS I've ever heard in my life!
  7. Guitars are the best instruments!
  8. Any good local bands playing this weekend in Denver?
  9. Guitar Stores in Chicago
  10. Good Ol' coldplay
  11. Who esle is dissapointed to the song Frangelic part 2 in Sound theories from Steve Va
  12. WTF Mike from Arch Enemy signed with Dean guitars?
  13. Since when does Tony MacAlpine??? play ibanez??
  14. The Unbearable Hand Fate Dealt
  15. vai vs halen - tapping.
  16. Steve Vai song "I Know You're Here"
  17. Ann Wilson To Tour With Zeppelin Rumour
  18. steve vai's awsome faces whilst playing.
  19. He's just too cool for words...
  20. If Only One Album / CD?
  21. Aerosmith To Audition Singers
  22. Steve vai's design a JEM contest!!!
  23. Rob Arnold from Chimaira rig rundown
  24. If only one Guitar !!! Which One ??
  25. Aerosmith All-Time LOW
  26. Jane's Addiction -New Bass Player From G&R
  27. My first band's (Driftwood) Song - Reviews Needed!
  28. Introducing my two projects...
  29. Jeff Beck comments on touring with Eric Clapton
  30. I know this is old news but, i just got shocked !!
  31. What about Wedding Bands?
  32. Chantel McGregor
  33. Consolation Prize
  34. question about Steve Vai
  35. New Hendrix with 12 Unreleased Songs
  36. Megadeth fans: Junior is back!!
  37. New Buckethead Album
  38. Vinnie Moore UK Date Confirmed!
  39. Any other Jeff Buckley Fans?
  40. Stump/Balducci/Orlando 4/27/10 BB Kings NYC
  41. Earthscape
  42. Writing About Music
  43. Aerosmith -Tyler Is BACK
  44. Be like a moth to the flames
  45. Female metal bands
  46. Rob Balducci Ibanez/Dimarzio Clinics Italy March 1,2,3 and 4
  47. For Instrumental Rock Guitar fans
  48. WTWTA dialogue...WTF?
  49. Karnivool
  50. Get your flannel out!!!!!!!!!
  51. free guitars
  52. My band just got endorsed by Spector!
  53. New song
  54. Battle Of The Bands-Warped Tour
  55. Crossroads Blues Fest in Chicago
  56. g3 exclusive rehearsal
  57. My band in Guitar World Mag
  58. A Musical Production that pays Tribute to Modern Guitar
  59. new LIRIUM profile on myspace
  60. New Prog Metal but not shred.
  61. Tony MacAlpine
  62. Dweezillla.....
  63. Iron Maiden...played with hand farts
  64. Jazz Fusion jam/Ibanez RG400
  65. Check out Carter Drive!!
  66. My first track 'Rennaisance"
  67. Vai and Mary J. Blige do Stairway?
  68. Please add to this rockers' country/bluegrass list
  69. Peter Steele is dead.
  70. For you prog rock/ metal heads out there
  71. Jose Feliciano...WTF?
  72. Vai on American Idol!!!
  73. Check out Cleanse Your Demons.
  74. Ibanez / Sam Ash NY Rob Balducci clinic 4/26
  75. ozzy's new guitarist (gus g)
  76. Bret Michaels - Critical Condition
  77. Matt Rach
  78. Dokken tribute (N.Y.)
  79. New Called To Arms album
  80. Dave Weiner's 'On Revolute'
  81. satriani uk tour dates
  82. RIP Dio
  83. Slipknot Bassist dead
  84. New Vai Info
  85. 6 musicians, 4 countries, 2 continents and 1 jam
  86. Andy Timmons & Andy Wood at the RMA Summer Guitar Workshop
  87. Introducing...A New Famous JEM Endorsee
  88. Dave Weiner: On revolute
  89. Steve Vai and me...
  90. Interview with Rick Graham about his new album Insideout
  91. A Great Bass Player with his 2nd solo album:Koray Ergunay
  92. ATT:Australians - My band needs a bass player
  93. DigiTech clinics in Arizona
  95. Crimson Glory
  96. Need your help to meet Steve Vai
  97. Whatever happened to Vinnie Vincent
  98. New website for all things GUITAR!
  99. Who and Zep Super-Wheelchair-group?
  100. Audition for Zep - and Not Know the Material???
  101. Countdown to Extinction really is better than anything Metallica has ever done
  102. Pretty stoked
  103. A Record I Did from 1979 is on fleaBA
  104. Robert Marcello Boss clinic
  105. worst guitarist ever.
  106. I'm happy to announce that The New Album 'There is something else' CD is Available!!!
  107. My project TransakT.INC's Promo Package DOWNLOAD
  108. Paul Gilbert Guitar Center Clinics "Invitation Only"?
  109. Playing again is awesome!
  110. Check Out This Strat Player Vid
  111. A Night Of Pure Guitar Tour dates and clinics
  112. Are there any UK guitar clinics/masterclasses soon?
  113. new paul gilbert cd - fuzz universe
  114. Musicians Institute Hollywood!
  115. Steve Vai's Children
  116. My interview with Tony MacAlpine
  117. RG 2570E-VSL/RG 400 Middle East Experimental
  118. Melodicrock.com giving away mp3 of me with CD preorder
  119. Andy Timmons Clinic at Matt's!
  120. NEW SATCH RECORD! - Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards
  121. Vai Cartoon
  122. Consciousness Removal Project.. Check it out!
  124. Vai song mystery?
  125. Oooo sound effect
  126. Sam Ash "Best in Shred"-- Play on stage with Vai!
  127. So I was at the Electronics store...
  128. Say it ain't so Mike
  129. Satch on Tarja Turunnens new record?
  130. My band ARC: instrumental, metuhlz fusionz stuff. Its what cyclops' listen to
  131. A typical Steve Vai day ?
  132. Tony MacAlpine offering lessons for a limited time in LA!
  133. Before they were famous pics
  134. Soundborg - My bands first demo is available for Free download!!
  136. Paul Gilbert 2010 European Tour Dates
  137. Check out my Satch-y style video;) (guitar idol 2010)
  138. Misha "Bulb" Manoor interview!
  139. Jason Becker movie is FINALLY being made!
  140. Dimitar Nalbantov's new CD - There is Something Else - Guitar CD of the year?
  141. Tom Kennedy from Mike Stern's band
  142. Oops! 10 Great Rock and Roll Bloopers
  143. Favorite album cover
  144. How do you sell your own CDs?
  145. Ibanez J-Custom & Ibanez BTB406 in action!
  146. Steve Vai MASTERCLASS (us mortals can afford!)
  147. GUITAR ADDICTION CD a Tribute to Modern Guitar
  148. Vai on Leno show
  149. New Iron Maiden any good?
  150. Pierce Cruise...
  151. New Instrumental Track "If Only"! Reviews Needed!
  152. Best Lights/Effects Show I've seen-ever
  153. MusicOnlineAlive is changing the face of music industry!
  154. itunes release, interstellar grove machine
  155. Guitar Addiction CD - Guitar Solo Contest is now opened !!
  156. What do you play whilst trying new guitars?
  157. Decibel Limitations at Gigs.
  158. Seen this? Mr Vai
  159. VAI at Berklee
  160. my song 'Into The Sun' to sooth those Wintery blues
  161. My shred / fusion groovy solo on JS 1200
  162. My first album: Ambitronika L1 is out, worldwide available!
  163. Best all time lead guitarist?
  164. Paul back with Mr. Big? Where have I been!!
  165. Comments Needed for my For the Love of God Cover
  166. Paul Gilbert VIP clinics. What to expect?
  167. Austria/México Collaboration
  168. Dream Theater drummer?
  169. Satriani in Detroit...Anyone going?
  170. My Band covering dream theater
  171. Satriani in NYC
  172. Need help finding sonically brutal music!!!
  173. Live Christmas Webcast
  174. Mr Big's New album Wow !!
  175. best album of 2010
  176. Beginner to intermediate song recommendation?
  177. ibanez lost 2 great players
  178. Joe Satriani + ADA Mp-1 in a Marshall ???
  179. A voice in the dark
  180. Keith Merrow- HOLY CRAP!!!!!
  181. Contrition's New Single!
  182. Concrete-caged minds
  183. Blotted Science
  184. Put up some Youtube vids of my band Arc! Check 'em!
  185. Swollen Eye View (Death Metal Finland)
  186. Concerts-Clinics worth seeing in NY or DC
  187. I have a new band...
  188. My new ebook 'Shred Master Exercises & Studies'
  189. Steve Vai I love you but....
  190. jake e lee
  191. Jason Becker's Not Dead Yet Festival
  192. RIP Gary Moore
  193. Satch's gear with marshalls
  194. (UPDATE) Gary Moore cause of death...
  195. GW's Top 100 Metallica songs
  196. Hero
  197. NEW whitesnake vid
  198. John Norum
  199. Spinal Tap guitarist, Nigel, comments on Steve Vai
  200. Led Zeppelin
  201. Recording With A true UNIVERSE
  202. Whitesnake Live @ Donington 1990 DVD
  203. Wash away...
  204. Andy Timmons' tone?
  205. My rant on the 2011 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees
  206. Vinnie Moore Master Class & Clinic in Raleigh - April 9th
  207. Taste of...
  208. Hittar Cuesta
  209. Jimmy Herring
  210. What to play at a solo performance..? Need pretty quick replies :S
  211. Interview with Seymour W. Duncan on Guitarism Blog
  212. New Track: 'Au Revoir' (Reviews!!)
  213. Colombian Grandmother Meets Metal
  214. Good slide guitar music
  215. It's FREE t-shirt Friday!
  216. He's still THE man!
  217. Whitesnake "Forevermore"
  219. Zakk Wyde
  220. Lost In Thought
  221. Sammy Hagar's Book
  222. Win A Maxon SD-9 Sonic Distortion pedal!
  223. KK Downing retires
  224. Michael Angelo Batio clinics in Australia
  225. Bag of broken dreams
  226. Whitesnake Live @ Donington Pre - order?
  227. Looks aren't everything.
  228. New KoRn
  229. Upcoming shows with my fusion trio JACE & the Rob Balducci band!
  230. Help My Band play at Telluride Jazz Festival 2011!
  231. New Tony MacAlpine Solo Album - June 21!
  232. Most annoying guitar riff (to you)?
  233. M3 Festival! Did anyone go?!
  234. Two new tracks by my band Arc! Instrumental! Axe FX! Amazing drums! Waffles!
  235. Mr. Big...kind of
  236. Colin Gailey-Cruise Control
  237. Riff Of The Week Cover Series / Guitar Bootcamp Live
  238. Shadowmind - Rebirth (Norwegian Catchy Metal)
  239. Session guitarist
  240. (600th thread) Who is the best....2020?
  241. [drumbART] - Just Follow Music Video
  242. Angel Dust tab book
  243. My first show in 15 years
  244. Fratello Metallo
  245. My interview with Geoff Tate
  246. Tifany Lee "Southern Gothic" pre sale funding drive
  247. Mr. Big U.S. Tour 2011
  248. George Thorogood Anyone?
  249. Aaaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuuu
  250. My Blues Band - (VIDEO)