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  1. Bart Walsh Roth's old guitarist with new digital Les Paul
  2. Former Vai Contest Winner MLH, New CD & FILM News
  3. classical gas; clapton
  4. Check this kid out
  5. Man, I'd Love to see Glassjaw back again!
  6. PG 07 Europe
  7. Any Testament fans out there?
  8. Nucliess Unveiled!
  9. New website update
  10. John Petrucci vs. Zakk Wylde: Who wins?
  11. Calling all welsh rockers!
  12. Satch @ Hyde Park Calling 24th June
  13. My Juice attempt
  14. Year Zero
  15. Your influences...
  16. 2nd Guitarist Problem
  17. Black Strat Blues - Album Out !!!
  18. Paul Gilbert tour comes to town.
  19. Do you have a Band Rider?
  20. My best concert
  21. Rusty Cooley's gonna teach me! YESSS!
  22. Vai & Furtado Question
  23. To-Mera and Son of Science in London - May 28th
  24. Does anyone know where Kevan(Tremol-no) has gone?
  25. Porcupine Tree
  26. Cool interviews with lots of great guitarists
  27. GAH, how are you supposed to shred with your GCSEs approaching?
  28. Steve Vai: recommendation
  29. Quality on Myspace
  30. Evo Prices
  31. Goin to see Dick Dale tomorrow night
  32. After Juice, here comes Warm Regards!
  33. Smokin' new video!
  34. Ok, I have a strange question about Steve and the current trends in touring.
  35. Paul Gilbert question?
  36. If you don't have Timmons latest...
  37. Amy at the Avalon
  38. Awesome country guitar players?
  39. so i just looked at the download festival site
  40. New Ozzy CD
  41. Hot and really good female guitar player!
  42. Musical Frustration - public has no ears.
  43. Ned's Atomic Dustbin Appreciation
  44. Just Got My Tickets, BABAAAAY
  45. This Is The Future.........
  46. I had enough!...I demand proof Vince Gill!
  47. Joanne Shaw Taylor - blues groove
  48. Rob Balducci - Texas Dates w/Andy Timmons and Ibanez clinic dates....
  49. choose the Houston Texans NFL house band
  50. Cool news prog tunes
  51. New Petrucci Video Lesson You MUST Watch!!!
  52. Instrumental Melodic Rock CD released !
  53. Just finished cd..goes to press in a few weeks
  54. Shawn Lane
  55. I want to start a band in N. Georgia
  56. Shamless promotion - www.yngwie.net
  57. Amy
  58. Download '07!
  59. Acoustic Shredders
  60. Recommend a player / band!
  61. Cd Release: Sound Theories
  62. For the Love of God
  63. Dream Theater- Systematic Chaos
  64. Paul Gilbert: Live in Leeds UK
  65. Systematic Chaos.
  66. Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me
  67. Non-Guitar Music You Listen To
  68. Paul Gilbert is so funny!
  69. Have we forgot who's birthday it is?
  70. Steve Vai 'Sound Theories'
  71. Dream Theater - 9th June, Newcastle
  72. Going to see Eric Johnson
  73. Nuno? Satellite Party? What?
  74. Mattias IA Eklundh
  75. What's on Eddie's guitar?
  76. Kamelot's newest, "Ghost Opera"
  77. Metal Group in Exeter (Devon - England)
  79. Twinspirits - 2 free tracks to download
  80. Joe Satriani Live Band - july,3 2007 Sala Assaig - Palma de Mallorca
  82. MLH (Steve Vai contest Winner!) - New CD! - New UFO Film! - Peavey Endorsement Deal!
  83. Symphony X's Latest masterpiece : Paradise Lost
  84. Musical Theatre
  85. Chord progressions
  86. Eric Johnson's Vocals
  87. My Band- Outdoor Festival Concert Last Friday
  89. Paul Gilbert DVDs
  90. Any ideas?
  91. Alexandra Bounxouei
  92. I will be track of the day on Garageband!
  93. When you hear DT live....
  94. Paul Gilbert and ME!!!
  95. so what do people like steve vai for anyways???
  96. JPJ...An under rated musician IMO
  97. just finished my website
  98. Anyone going to see Steve Vai at the Birchmere (Alexandria, VA) in Sept?
  99. Steve Playing a DNA in Italy :)
  100. Kelly Johnson of Girlschool Dead At 49
  101. Whats the deal with the "Sound Theories" aftershow passes?
  102. "I'm the best guitarist in the world!"
  103. Need to Guitarify Foreigner's That Was Yesterday
  104. College Gig in Sept...
  105. My Band Outdoor Concert......
  106. Steve Vai in Birmingham
  107. I realy like to hear what you think about this
  108. Super Hot Chick On Youtube.....
  109. Steve Vai interview on Lick Library website
  110. Going to see Robert Randolph Tuesday
  111. Himself - 25 years ago....(video)
  112. Strung Out - new album "Blackhawks over Los Angeles
  113. Popper and Vai geesh
  115. George Lynch going ballistic
  117. Woo hoo! I got the best guitarist! Yeah!!!
  118. The Human Abstract
  119. [Ibanator.com] My personal site is finished...
  120. Vai's new tour rig
  121. How many of you use delay? And how much?
  122. Just saw Linkin Park past Sunday!
  123. Pandora Web Radio
  124. Who's your Fav 3-Piece Band Ever? (singers don't count)
  125. Dream Theater
  126. Check Out This Oldie But Goodie.....
  127. Some clips of my lead tone
  128. Watch This Master At Work........
  129. Paul Gilbert's hands
  130. Before there was shred.
  131. Me Playing for the Love of god
  132. Vai show house of blues in chicago 9/21
  133. Any Sonata Arctica fans?
  135. Legendary drummer Max Roach dies at 83
  136. My cd is released
  137. Rare Pantera Tracks?
  138. New Crowded House
  140. Van Halen photoshop's out Michael Anthony
  141. what is the one band
  142. Alex Gregory Anyone?
  143. So, we finally have new members in my band...
  144. Our last Gig!
  145. Any Blue Murder fans?
  146. Babe I'm Gonna Leave you - Led Zeppelin
  147. Serpico w/ LostAlone tour
  148. Worst song you've ever heard?
  149. Thomas Blug
  150. My band
  151. best ever ballad and lyrics
  153. Hi guys newbie here.
  154. My new band, The Upperhand
  155. Your Band's Gigs!
  156. Dimebag originally was supposed to be part of LTE?
  157. TimeLord's New Album (Shrapnel Records)
  158. Looking for a techno/hardrock/metal guitars/rapcore band
  159. Mattias 'IA' Eklundh Guitar Clinics
  160. AMAZING BAND!!!!! pirate death/trash metal!!!!
  161. Rob Balducci
  162. Rikk Beatty is Digitech's new full time clinician!!!
  163. Bad@ss Guitar Player!
  164. Steve Vai and Ozzy
  165. John Petrucci... alternate tuning
  166. Hate Steve Vai?????
  167. Opinions on new solo
  168. Vai show in Chicago last night
  169. Steve Vai Sound Theories
  170. Dethklok's Dethalbum
  171. Vai Forum Help
  172. Are you satisfied with your playing?
  173. Your biggest musical accomplishment:
  174. Saw Van Halen Sat night at Greensboro
  175. Supporting Black Stone Cherry UK + Europe
  176. Christian Rock bands??
  177. Steve vai plays Zappa in Melbourne Australia. Will steve be doing any appearances ??
  178. Got Steve to sign my guitar!!
  179. Active Gigging Musicians Wanted
  180. Need help on picking a song...
  181. Fans of Megadeth AND Metallica - any hope of reconciliation?
  182. My Band(Called To Arms) and our new EP
  183. Van Halen 10/10/07
  184. When he tried to touch the sun!!
  185. That One Night
  186. Eddie Van Halen playing....
  187. George Lynch Clinic Pics
  188. Drop D...the worst thing that ever happened.
  189. Digitech clinics here in Florida this week!!!!
  190. Zappa
  191. Stellar Vector (My Band) - You're Not Included
  192. I'm seeing Andy Mckee Tonight!
  193. Your top three Van Halen Songs
  194. Johnny Hiland
  195. Dave Weiner Ibanez Clinic - ATL 10/27
  196. C&C - No World For Tomorrow
  197. Are todays performers really giving it all live?
  198. This guy is multi-talented, yea baby!!!!!!
  199. Unreal guitarist
  200. Dragonforce's greatest hits album. A must buy!!
  201. We just won the northern region competition
  202. Download my Instrumental Album for FREE!
  203. Vote for my Band
  204. "Everybody Wants Some" by DLR/Steve/Billy
  205. Fusion/Rock "Jumbuck" (by ToneZappa)
  206. looking for a white stripes pick
  207. FTLOG...With WHITESNAKE !
  208. Vai in Santiago last saturday
  209. Satch's upcoming album: what should he name it?
  210. Satch in the UK 2008
  211. Dokken
  212. Pay to play?!
  213. Why we should all practice
  214. A little something I wrote...
  215. MIDI Guitar track "Mad Easter"
  216. My New Endorsement!!
  217. James Byrd - first ever video clip!
  218. Check out this player
  219. It's official, Extreme are back together!
  220. My Book Featured in AP Magazine!
  221. Quiet Riot lead singer dead
  222. Great Performances on PBS 11/28
  223. Fisting the Bass
  225. new myspace songs
  226. Here are a few rare Steve pix.....
  227. Yes: Close to the Edge...35 Years Later
  228. Did you see anyone so good it made you think about giving up?
  229. Rare Pix of an Old Man...Some May Know Him
  230. Follow up to Get Out Of My Yard!!
  231. Cynic Reunited
  232. Jon Anderson and School of Rock Kids
  233. The BIGGEST endorsement of all.... IBANEZ!!!
  234. A Special Holiday Message From Steve and Billy
  235. I Didn't Know DLR Was Multi-Lingual......
  236. Paul Gilbert MP3s?
  237. Dan Fogelberg - RIP
  238. Vai new work featurimg italian pop star Eros Ramazzotti
  239. Guitar Techniques Magazine Review!
  240. Any Trapeze fans here?
  241. Check out my old friend's recent gig
  242. Who's next to do reuinion? Preference?
  243. Frank Zappa
  244. Just got Stryper's greatest hits album!
  245. ZPZ dvd.... WOW
  246. "newer" guitar virtuosos appreciation thread
  247. Check out my band's myspace and get our music on iTunes and Napster now!
  248. Anybody in or around Scranton , PA
  249. Eddie Rules.....
  250. Satch - Munich