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  1. Good Recording Software? What else do I need? - I'm sick of
  2. Seeking home recording tips - The full band in the basement
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  8. Recording Question Revisited
  9. Need new recording setup
  10. Virtual Tracks and question about Boss BR-1180
  11. Recording at home - new to this...
  12. computer for recording
  13. Free recording software
  14. Audix Microphones... STINK.
  15. sound cards
  16. Recording with a j-station?
  17. Use my laptop to record live music?
  18. Digital Music and Midi Authoring
  19. Cakewalk Fruity Loops... Anyone?
  20. Any known tutorials/lessons for Fruity Loops?
  21. When recording...
  22. Pro Tools Free anyone using this?
  24. Pictures of everyone's recording studio or recording gear
  25. pc specs
  26. Stripped-down studio
  27. orchestral loops from Sonic Foundry has anyone used these?
  28. Complete nubie to studio work... in need of tips...
  29. Cubase problems please help!
  30. about to build a computer for recording
  31. Can't Record!!! HELP!!!
  32. mixers to go with an 8I/O soundcard
  33. SoundCard question: Headphone Monitoring
  34. soundforge and acidpro users..
  35. Sound Blaster Audigy (sp?) opinions...
  36. FYI for GSP2101 Owners..
  37. Echo Audio layla24 - Anyone used it?
  38. Any1 know how to make a Roland GI 10 work with a pc?
  39. Anyone know any good "Guitar Cab Mic'ing Tutorials?
  40. Recording Vocals
  41. Incandescent or Flourescent
  42. Cubase help needed :D
  43. Best Drum Machine?
  44. Cubasis VST
  45. Cubase- Converting midi to audio...
  46. Whats the best OS (Windows) for music production?
  47. What's a mixer?
  48. Need inexpensive vocal mic
  49. condensor mics
  50. Building mine in a bus.
  51. New toy-the roland 2480
  52. OOOOH! who has the WORST studio gear???!!!
  53. Muffled Shure SM57 guitar mic
  54. a newbie needs help... please give me a direction...
  55. Digidesign MBOX questions
  56. Suggestions on building a DAW
  57. live and studio vocal distortion: how to?
  58. Hardware versus Software mixers???
  59. Multiple pre-amps and one power amp.....???
  60. fed up with my soundcard
  61. Need davesters1234 help
  62. Zip to Hard Disk mod worked!!!
  63. Cubase volume question
  64. MIDI-key change in Logic audio
  65. What do I do if I need more MIDI outs? Can they be split?
  66. CUBASE/LOGIC which one
  67. how do shield a speaker from pc monitor?
  68. Home recording gear
  69. Pc Spec
  71. Free multitrack recording software, win2000?
  72. Help for a beginer
  73. Cubase exporting audio problems
  74. Laptop, guitar recording discussion
  76. synthesizers
  78. Korg PXR4 Digital Recorder - Review & Demo MP3's
  79. Drum machine
  80. need tips on recording vocals....
  81. Acid Pro
  82. Rhodes NT1 Nt3 mics
  83. I need suggestions for computer recording gear
  84. Digidesign
  85. Drum Recording
  86. # of inputs with USB
  87. syncing two tascam DA38's and do i need a new mixer?
  88. How do I connect the speakers?
  89. Audiophile and latency problems!
  90. synchronizing with VS880
  91. VS840 CD Burning. How do I do it?
  92. Small cubase prob
  93. anyone use or used cubasis?
  94. HELP! I've Been Forced Into XP!!
  95. Mixer setup with PC
  96. List your recording gear and your thoughts on your gear..
  97. From the guitar to the computer?
  98. Good Free or Low Price Music Software for Macintosh
  99. For all aspiring audio recordists
  100. Advice on a cheap-ish soundcard?
  101. Recording Vocals
  102. Seeking soundcard recommendations
  103. Getting a new recording PC... what hardware to get?
  104. Need advice for home recording gear - Once more! :-)
  105. Help my terrible vocals!!!!!
  106. Strange static noises using sound font files
  107. Studio project B3
  108. Cubase problem
  109. Entry level recording equipment
  110. Mackie SDR 24
  111. Echo Mona Laptop System....
  112. Installing plugins/software from a CD (cracked versions)
  113. Echo Gina
  114. Help: Delay in Monitoring through my PC Recording Setup!!
  115. Firewire audio recording...
  116. How do i create master in Cubase sx
  117. Internet music project
  118. Creative SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Platinum EX
  119. MIDI question
  120. Processing Guitars (post-recording)
  121. A recording studio at school??!!
  122. Vocals mix
  123. Sound card advice.
  124. SoundFont
  125. Newbie Question- New to Digital Recording
  126. Need help with finished recordings
  127. Adat to computer for recording
  128. Bad sounding room?
  129. Recording @ Home
  130. Thoughts on using a cubicle as recording station?
  131. Cool Edit Pro or Cakewalk Homestudio 2002 ?????
  132. printing lots (and lots) of .jpgs
  133. Recording guitar solo sound problems - no central presence
  134. Mic preamp?
  135. fruityloops problem help!!!
  136. Recording direct into pc. How to record backing track as wel
  137. Shure mic
  138. ReWire?
  139. Home recording decisions to make
  140. Cool Edit Pro questions
  141. Yet another fruity loops question(s)...
  142. Studio Monitors
  143. ReValver and Audigy...
  144. Digital Performer Plug ins
  145. Connecting everything - Reality Check
  146. Rode NT1 questions
  147. Tube Mic Preamps (the lower priced ones)
  148. question re. speakers for studio use
  149. POD xt driver install problem
  150. Is ProTools for XP any good?
  151. Sound Forge - basic recording dialemma
  152. Roland VS880EX Help Please
  153. Who's using Reason - Propellerhead ??????
  154. applying compression after recording.
  155. ReCycle help needed...
  156. Anything like Amp Farm for poor people?
  157. How to record my guitar?
  158. Silly questions from a complete novice
  159. drum machine softwere?
  160. Processing guitar tone post recording
  161. Studio Projects B1 vs B3
  162. Reason questions
  163. The Mothership
  164. Mp3PRO Encoding
  165. Help me make drum tracks in Cubase
  166. anyone using MOTU
  167. Drum machine
  168. Is the Industry Favoring Analog Again?
  170. Computer Audio Problem...Anybody Know what's happening??
  172. Behringer truth
  173. A cool plugin for amp modeling: "AmpliTube Amp Simulato
  174. vst instrument question
  175. Recording Tips from Steve Vai Himself....Read On.
  176. What is favored for PC recording today?
  177. Home Recording Suggestions? Mbox, pxr4, pocketstudio5
  178. Guitar tracks pro
  179. Brand New Studio, now I need to know how to use it....
  180. Humidity/temperature
  181. Listen to my guitar sound!
  182. JS sound in "Clouds race across the sky"
  183. Fellow pod users....
  184. How do you record the distortion sound of your guitar ?
  185. Battery
  186. balanced and unbalanced signal
  187. home studio
  188. designing a live room
  189. Recommend me a sound card for recording
  190. Mbox
  191. Basic Recordings at home
  192. nskit v6
  193. USB/Firewire for Laptop
  194. Crucial for processing guitar parts (?)
  195. Help needed w Audiophile and Cubase!
  196. Double tracking rythm parts. Tips needed please
  197. What can i make drum sequences in? i cant read drum tab so..
  198. Boss BR-8 manual?
  199. Need Help guys, need software....
  200. Where to begin?
  201. digi002? what do you guys think?
  202. cheap and good recording studio
  203. Drum Tracks
  204. Tube pre & compressor for home recording?
  205. ProTools LE and (NI) Dynamo problem. Help needed).
  206. Looping software (like soundtrack for the mac)
  207. Fruity Loops Sound
  208. Software Drum Machine?
  209. Amp Modeller for Recording
  210. Other recording sites
  211. Recording on PC - V-amp2 - problems
  212. Query: wav to cda
  213. Best 4 or 8 track recorder under 300?
  214. Vai's "The Animal" rhythm tone
  215. Examples of Good Studio Recordings
  216. Compressors...what are you using?
  217. Impedance of Soundblaster Live Series
  218. All kinds of questions Mixed into one post :D
  219. Using a Software Compressor for semiprofessional studios.
  220. Drum Recording - Tips For Basic Recording?
  221. A Lil' help with Pod & Other pedals
  222. Fender Rhodes software instrument?
  223. Drum software
  224. computer power
  225. Art Digital MPA preamp.....good buy?
  226. Notebook for Live Performance
  227. ear training software for OS X
  228. Recording with my Computer
  229. pedal thru comp?
  230. how does satch record his guitar tracks?
  231. Apple GarageBand
  232. Under $200 Bass for a guitar player recording?
  233. mic for recording acoustic......
  234. PC vs Mac vs VF16
  235. Micropone question... my ignorance!
  236. Would these be a good combination for a home studio?
  237. Question about a Harddisk for PC recording
  238. NI Battery
  239. soundproofing
  240. Quiet Recordings
  241. USB / SPDIF recording via POD XT or XT PRO
  242. What do u dislike in the Creative Audigy Platinum?
  243. Compressor for Vocals (Live & Studio)
  244. M-Audio Delta-44
  245. Buying a computer - need advice
  246. Protools Digi001 vs. Edirol DA2496
  247. anyone got a tascam 464 4-track manual
  248. pops and crackles... (this is getting tedious now...)
  249. Can you install new Mac superdrive in G4 667 powerbook?