Ibanez JEM & Universe Info

Guitar Photo Galleries
Ibanez JEM, UV, Steve Vai's axes & more

JEM & Universe Spec Sheet
guitar specs & detailed info

JEM & Universe Production Years
JEM/UV model year chart

JEM & Universe Fretboard Inlays
pics of all the styles

JEM & Universe Headstock
close up pictures

JEM Handrest
tremolo palmrest

Origins of the JEM
background history of the JEM

Price Guide for JEM/UVs
New and used buying advice


Tech Setup & Repairs

Techical Setup Guide
Guitar setup, parts, action, wiring & more

Tech Setup Forum Area
Discussion, question & answers, etc.


Related Ibanez Info

Ibanez Necks
pics & details

Ibanez Neck Joint Styles
original (strat) & AANJ (all-access)

Ibanez Other Stuff
more JEM/UV goodies w/ pics

Ibanez Parts List
JEM/UV parts list & prices 2002

Ibanez Pickups & DiMarzio
info & charts

Ibanez Print Catalogs
view the catalogs

Ibanez Tremolos - Double locking
Edge, LoPro Edge & TRS Floyd Rose licensed


Commentary & Reviews

Comprehensive Gear Review Database
review database for gear, guitars, etc.

Hands On Player Reports
guitars & gear reviews

Ibanez JEM Old-School Commentary
commentary on the older JEMs

Ibanez Universe Old-School Commentary
commentary on the UVs

JEM & Universe Hits & Misses
the best & worst JEM/UVs

JEM & Universe Wish List
desired JEM & UV features circa 1998

JEM & Universe Yearly Report Card
with comments
circa 1998

Visitor Guitar Ranking
players' favorite JEM/UVs circa 1998

Visitor Polls
polls from circa 1998



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