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last updated 3/28/2000

Here is where various fun stuff for Jemsite goes. It's separated into three categories for quick browsing. New scrapbook additions will first be posted to the New & Other Stuff category.

New and Other Stuff
Ibanez JEM/UV and Vai Related Stuff
Concerts, Signings & Ticket Stubs


Steve Vai Fire Garden Honey - photo courtesy Dave Weiner



G3 Ticket from Germany

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This comes from Holland. On 25th june I got a tattoo. My first one. I'm happy to share this with you guys! I hope you enjoy this one! Frank Schreuders

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Steve Vai was inducted into the Hollywood Rock Walk at Sunset Blvd. on June 3, 1999. Here is a VIP pass to the event courtesy of Dave Weiner.

Here's my vote for the "JEM Babe"... it goes to Ms. Witt! Holly seems to appreciate the JEM guitar huh. Would any of you guys who don't play your JEM/UVs let her do this to your guitar!?!... thought so.

Oliver Pfaender submits to Jemsite: Voil´┐Ż a goody for the JEMSITE Scrapbook!!! Here is a cassette tape cover from a very old cassette that I bought in 1988 and recently rediscovered under a pile of paper in my room. It shows a JEM777DY - which has in fact not that much to do with the music featured on this tape. ;-) Note the handrest above the EDGE trem!

The text on the right side says (translated): "The pictured guitar JEM777 by PP Meinl was provided by Rock Shop ..." Note: The Meinl Company has been the german Ibanez distributor ever since and the record company obviously mixed it up with the manufacturer while printing this inlay card.

Here is a great scrapbook entry. This is courtesy of my overseas pal & JEM guru Jono Dale. It is the shipping label from the package he sent which included great JEM/UV pictures w/ a Vai interview that you can see in the Guitar Gallery under Vai Customs. All you guys in the USA with magazine ads, Ibanez catalogs, multicolor JEM/UVs, etc. that have not submitted them yet should hang your head in shame. The best part about this is it's sent under the guise of "Photocopy of magazine article for research use" ;->