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Player Contact Sheet (till 9/2000)



The Contact Sheet will no longer be updated. Instead, all jemsite.com members can display their information by REGISTERING in the FORUM. Your information can be displayed there, including quick links to your website. Click MEMBER LIST to view and search other members.

The Contact Sheet will remain online for several months, as a reference until all information is updated in the Forum Member List.

JEM/UV Player Breaking News
last updated 9/17/2000

Eric Sands (Generation Ibanez CD artist) writes in more news: My new band, "StrangeWorld", is slated to go into the studio with Producer Tom Werman, (Motley Crue, Dokken, Nugent, Warrant, Cheap Trick, etc), in October. The material is heavy melodic rock and features lots of 7 string and detuned guitars.

Eric Sands (Man on Fire and Generation Ibanez CD artist): has written another article for Guitar9. This one talks about unlocking your hidden creativity. Click here to read it.

Rob Keeler Guitar Recital 5/10/2000, Univ of Mass: From Rob...� I am a first graduate student in the Masters in Music Performance (Guitar) Dept. at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.� Part of the requirements of this program is 2 public performances (recitals).� My first one will take place Wednesday, May, 10 2000 in Durgin Concert Hall, Durgin Hall. I would like to invite you and all of jemsite visitors to come.� The research paper contains three different analysis, biography of the composer, history of the piece, and special perfomance techniques of each work selected (It's about 167 pages).� Soooooooo what songs am I playing: Windows (Chick Corea), Stella by Starlight (Victor Young), Donna Lee (Charlie Parker), Cochise (Rich Matteson), Tango (George Van Eps), Angel Food, Answers, Hand on Heart (Steve Vai), Flying in a Blue Dream (Joe Satriani), and Righteous (Eric Johnson).

Dave Weiner, on tour in the Steve Vai band, has just updated daveweiner.com. Check out version 1.5 of the site now.

Ryan Maza / Warp 3 send a note to all. Warp 3 Enhanced CD, "Music has Evolved" will be available soon. Warp 3's recently joined the ranks of Guitar Nine Records! Their stuff will be available soon to buy online! Warp3 is will be opening more dates for Gary Hoey in 2000 also! �Ryan Maza / Warp 3

Eric Sands, featured player on the Generation Ibanez CD won the Atlanta Guitar contest to "Jam with Steve Vai". Photos, video and more are found with Eric playing along with Steve Vai at his website.

Rusty Cooley, also featuredon the Generation Ibanez CD is in a Guitarapalooza CD guitar contest so please stop by and vote for Rusty in group 16!

Adam Christopher Fox is doing a limited first run on the CD's. He's bringing the band (Hanover Fist) for Jemfest 2000 :) More details to come when the CD's ready to go! Click here for more info on the D'Addario & Generation Ibanez Performing Artist!

Bobby Ferrara has lots of interesting projects going on including teaming withe frontman Joe Lynn Turner for a new Hard Rock/Metal cd. Check his www page for details.

Rob Stankiewics from the Shrapnel recording artist band, Haji's Kitchen, will be performing drums on the upcoming CD by Rusty Cooley and his band Outworld! Please go visit the Outworld site and sign the guestbook. You may also check out the sound clips by visiting the Rusty Cooley website. Rusty is a featured artist with the Ibanez Generation Project!

Segression has updated the WWW page and announced their Australian tour with Ozzy!

N-GAUGE features two 7-stringers, Shannon Sharp and Jeff Naour. Both of us are on the contact sheet. Now, you can hear N-GAUGE's 6-song album, "Empty Your Pockets", on the Internet in RealPlayer format. Details at the N-GAUGE website

Warp 3 is set to release their CD, 'Music has Evolved', for U.S. distribution in June. Details at the Warp 3 website

Rikk Beatty's JEM guitars page: View here

7 String National Clinic Tour: Adam Fox will travel the nation on a Clinic Tour for Guitar Center promoting Ibanez 7-string guitars and D'Addario strings. Details on www.adamfox.com or at a local Guitar Center.

Anthony Garone has released his first CD, Hansel vs. Gretel. Finished just before he turned 17, the CD features rock, classical, and even circus music. Details here

Man On Fire, featuring Generation Ibanez featured artist Eric Sands, is the featured Spotlight artist for 12/98 in Prog-net, the Internet source for Progressive Album reviews.

7th Heaven is reborn as www.kenburtch.com... bookmark it





Name Location WWW CD Comments & JEM/UVs
Erno Aalto Finland   UV777PBK. I'll be going to the studio in a couple of months. Then you'll hear my UV roar! Stay tuned.
Della Abdullah Indonesia www   JEM77FP, JEM777DY, UV7PWH
Joseph Alexander Cheshire, England -   I now have my dream 7vwh and I WILL be famous in 10 years.
Johann Alimin Singapore -   I own a Jem555Bk....Got some problems with the frets...buzzing..that kinda thing..Open to suggestions.
Nico Alzetta Brussels, Belgium www   JEM 10th. I play shred and more modern metal like dream theater.
Scott Andrews USA www   7-strings: Sabre 540S7, RG7620
Andy Anthony Elmira, NY - USA www Guitars: JEM WHV7, RG3120, RG770 US Custom, RG450DX, 540s7. Been playing for 22 years. Just finished building a new studio and forming my latest all-originals band REIGN
Jesper Appelberg S�dert�lje - Sweden www   I play in, probably the only ska-punk-rock band tuned down to A. RG7620BK, RG520QSTB and a few crappy guitars.
Mert Aras Turkey www   Working in new stucture of rock band, Using equipment: Jem555WH , Washburn RS-940 , Digitech RP10
Mike Atkinson Hudson, NH - USA -   JEM-777 LNG #194 & Green Universe. I don't play nearly as much as I should.... maybe someday!
Laine Baker Washington DC - USA     '99 JEM7DBK. I play guitar/synth in prog metal band "Irony Tree".
Rob Balducci NY - USA www Jem777vbk
Rikk Beatty Tumwater, WA - USA www UV7MC, JEM777BFP, JEM7VWH, JEM777SK, UV777BK, JEM10. All instrumental bands should have a JEM in their midst! I have never played a guitar that I liked better! and I cant buy enough of them!!!!! My bands name is "Sound Scape" and our cd was just released on B Natural records. check us out!
Kevin Belna DeLand, FL     JEM7VWH
Steve Benford Cedarburg, WI -   Jem777DY #871486, Rg560 Being coverted by Herc Fede
Jesus Rodriguez Berea La Corua - Spain -   UV7BK black & green
Derek Bernier Hollywood, FL - USA     Jem 7DBK. I fell in love with this guitar the second I picked it up. I also have a JPM-3
Chris D Blatchford Whitstable, Kent - England   10th Anniversary no. 770. Original American casing. Also own JS900BP & Fender Strat.
Blue Nexus Recording Studios Ottumwa, Iowa - USA www   UV777 - RG570, RG550, USA Custom Deluxe. This is my main home page for composition there is a guest book and links to my band's home page and my recording studios home page feel free to vist. Ibanez have been my ONLY guitars since 1987. Also anyone in the midwestern area wanting to be on the Project CD who needs recording studio time give me a call. If it is specifically for an IBANEZ PROJECT CD I will help you out.
Kyle Bolden Moscow, TN - USA -   JEM555WH
Stefan Bolder The Netherlands     Jem 10th Anniversary, #741
Gary Boudreaux Starkville, Mississippi - USA     UV77MC
Michael Booth Las Vegas, NV - USA     UV777BK, UV7BK(with green), UV7PWH, UV777GR, JEM77BFP, S-Classic
Gary Boudreaux Starkville, MS     UV7MC, Pink RG550, Black RG770, Tele Deluxe, PRS Custom22, Shred Yellow/Black stripe Charvel
Steve Brand Abbotsford BC - Canada www   JEM777VDY, JEM777DY, Jem777LNG #718, RG550DY x2! (Yes...I'm the one that LIKES the yellow ones!) I have owned an embarrassing large number of JEMs and RGs etc!!! I think it's running at around 27 JEMs ,16 RGs, 3 UVs, and 3 PGMs too ....Sick, eh?! I'm very concerned at the over-the-top regard for the JEM7VWH...it's really not THAT much better than any other JEM! I had one and I dumped the tacky gold hardware in favor of straight chrome...what an improvement! Try it all you 7VWH owners...you'll thank me!
Robert E. Brightwell Phoenix, AZ - USA www   No JEMs in my collection but I do have a USA custom, 540S and a 540P.
Brenden Bryan Lenexa, KS - USA www   UV777GR, RG7620, RG7621. Into Korn, Incubus, (Hed)pe
Carolyn Brown Bayport, LI, NY - USA     Mike Haug's girlfriend. Also a Jemfest '99 attendee. I'm going to make an outfit like a Jem so Mike will spend more time with me:) Just kidding!
Sergio Burlamaqui Rio de Janeiro, Brazil www   Jem555WH
Ken Burtch WA - USA www UV7BK, UV7PWH, UV77MC & 540S7
Brett Butler Destin, FL - USA     Guitars: 555
Joe Cabot le Gardeur, QC, Canada www   JEM7VWH owner
Dan Callaway Baltimore, MD - USA www   UV77BK. Engineering student at Johns Hopkins - addicted to guitar and recording.


Brian Calvert Florida www   I love Jem's. Mmy pride and joy is a GMC! Other guitars I have include a JS Donnie Hunt #37 of 40. I'm also a proud new member of the guitar top 100! Click on my WWW and click on "For Guitarist Only" to see nothing but guitar stuff!
Ken Campo Las Vegas NV - USA -   JEM777VBK. I bought this guitar a few years ago, and it's THE BEST I've ever owned. And that includes Gold top Les Pauls, old Strats, etc. Someday I hope to collect a few more. I also have an Ibanez RG series but it dosen't even come close performance wise.
Jeff Carpenter Watauga, Tx - USA     Jem7vwh. anyone in the ft.worth area wanting to jam with a mediocre guitar player, drop me a line.
Luther Carpenter New Orleans, LA - USA     Guitars: JEM 90th, JPM pastel. Using Marshall DSL2000, Boss DS-1, Boss GE-7, Ibanez TS-9, Bad Horsie Wah, and Ensoniq DP/4 rack effects. Listen heavily to: Satriani, Vai, Santana, Gambale, Chick Corea
Chris Chaplin Atlantic College, near Cardiff, Wales     UV7PWH & RG570
Christopher Chen Singapore     JEM77FP
Howard Cho Woodland Hills, CA - USA www   AX7521
Tai M. Cooper Cleveland, OH USA     Guitar: Jem777SK,Jem777VBK,JEM7VWH. P-Funk is the name of the game. Lets funk it up JEM/UV style!!!
Timothy Crain Grand Rapids - MI USA     Have owned 8..... Just 1 now. Just started playing again after four years and it could only be a Jem...the best guitars in the Universe.
Todd Crawford FL - USA www   1997 Jem7BSB, 1994 S540 Custom Swirled by Herc, JPM90 and 1998 RG3120 Prestige
Worth Davis Houston TX - USA www   Performance Flame, GMC, SK & custom JEMs swirls
Claude Daigneault Quebec - Canada -   Jem777vbk
Dave Dalton Canadensis, PA - USA www   Guitars: 2. Owner of what should become a very cool musicians site. We will be live this fall.
Chris Dodge San Jose, CA - USA www Jem RB7, I mostly own Custom Made Ibanez's. I have been playing guitar since I was 7. Now at 22, it's my passion! Everytime I see a cool Ibanez I snatch it up! It's worse than a drug addiction!! :) Guitar is the only thing I know. And being a computer geek! Check out my bands site. We are signed to "Avex" in Japan and "MTM" in Europe. We have toured with Warrant, Slaughter, Quiet Riot. Working on an endorsement with Ibanez right now.
Stephen Edelen Sumter, SC USA -   UV7BK all black
Rob Elliott Toronto, Ontario - Canada     JEM7PBK, UV777PBK. Jem7vwh, Jem7bsb, Chrome Boy #22,
Marc Fascia France     Jem7VWH
Sebastian Felice Burnsville, MN - USA -   JEM777LNK JEM777SK UV777GR UV77MC . The UV77MC is a made from a neck from a UV7BK has a vine inlay green on the neck new hardware and a the Herc UV VK body I also have an RG7620 with a Blaze II in the bridge Other IBZ are 2 RG550s 1 S540LTD all of them customized
Ian Fisher NJ - USA     Jem 7VWH - Most beautiful guitar ever, plays incredibly
Jaron Fisher Hurstbridge, Victoria - Australia     JEM777BK
Stefan Fooij Maastricht - Netherlands     JEM777SK #871293. I bought this guitar, almost new, in '88. I've been playing on it ever since and I still loving it.
Adam Fox CA - USA www Custom UVs
Jon France VA - USA www   "Pippin" Jem77PMC, "Icarus" JEM7VWH, "Sebastian" UV7PWH, "Merlin" UV77MC & LNG #191
Pellegrini Arellano, Francisco Constitucion, Chile     JEM 7VWH
John Frucci Kalamazoo, MI USA www  

Jem 7VWH, Herc Fede Swirled Jem, Jem 7BSB, Kramer USA Pacer. I am currently working on a demo, in the privacy of my home-less studio. It's realllly scary!!!!! (in a good way!)

Tatarella Giancarlo Roma - ITALY     UV77MC. After playing and buying several guitars i discovered one of the last multicolor universe in a lost city.This guitar is great! Really really really COOL! whithout any doubt my best guitar!!!
Ron Gilmartin Fords, NJ - USA     Guitar: I currently own a S5407, a RG7620 and a UV7Bk. But I am always looking to purchase other 7-strings
Cory Gosnell Lafayette, Louisiana - USA     My first 7-string is a '99 UV777BK
Troy Gustafson Baltimore, MD / Delta, PA - USA     77FP, UV777PBK, 7RB, 777SK Herc Swirl
Mike Haug Bellport Village, LI, NY - USA     777LNG(#3), 777sk, 777Vbk, 77fp, 7Vwh, 7Dbk, UV777bk, and a cosmetically "Jemmified" RG-550dy. Always looking for more Jems. The addiction is endless! Also a huge fan of Marshall Amps and Boss Pedals. Always looking to meet others and talk tech-especially about Jems/UVs. Also currently working on new recording projects!
Jos Heeerings Holland -   JEM 10
Brian Henderson Farmingdale NY - USA www   Can we start JA? Hi, My name is Brian and I'm addicted to Jems... and i don't want help! ;) Guitars I own .. Jem7vwh, Jem7RB(swirled), JPM100P2, JS 90th, RG 7620, ESP Eclipse Semi Hollow, Seagull 12-String, Ibanez Proline, and a custom Rx. Been playing since I was able to hold a guitar.
Annemieke Heijne Perth - Australia     UV777PWH #180, JEM90HAM, JEM7VWH. I want more!
Erry Hermansyah Jakarta - Indonesia     UV777GR
David Ho CA - USA     Jem7BSB, Jem90 & a Herc Fede swirl Strat. My first home studio project in progress.
Marcel van Hoek Netherlands - Rijswijk     JEM7VWH
Koping Hu NY, NY, USA www   LNG, SK, DY, etc. My bragging right is I own JEM777LNG #10!
Eddy Huisman Amsterdam, Netherlands www   See pictures of my Pictures of my JEM7BSB and custom RG550 DY on the www
Anthony G. USA www   JEM7VWH
Kevan J.Geier Long Beach, NY - USA -   JEM77 Floral Pattern #160330. Steve Vai's 5 Good Reasons NOT to Practice: 1) There 2) Is 3) No 4) Good 5) Reason!
Ron Gilmartin Monmouth Co, NJ -   S5407, UV7BK, RG7621
Bill Hart Denver, CO www   Jem777LNG #308. Also have a S-Series, RG140, Steinberger GMT4A, 2 Yamahas, and a Gibson Invader.
Bob Hurst Galloway, WV - USA     I don't own a Jem/UV. But I'm planning on buying a Jem 7 DBK sometime in the next year.
Ed Jackson Akron, OH - USA -   New 1998 Floral. Also Rg560 and a IC300 Iceman
Tim James Queensland - Australia -   Jem777VSK, UV77MC
Kyle Jamison Logan, UT - USA     Guitars: Jem7VWH
Rob Johnson Columbus, OH www Universe guitars
Nathan Jones   www    
Andreas F. Junghans Germany www Green multicolor. This CD will not be available for the market since we'll find another company to represent our music.
Brian Keeley Camden Co, NJ -   90 UV7PWH, 91 UV7BK, 97Jem 7BSB, 91 RG760
Brian Kerr Columbus, OH - USA www   555, 7VWH. Looking for people to jam/gig with. There must be someone in Columbus with a pulse!!!
Jari Koivisto Nokia, Finland     Jem777bk , Jem7vwh. Morjes! Jems rules,absolutely the greatest and best sounding guitar ever made!
Mac Kotnik Sp. Praprece, Lukovica - Slovenia     Jem 90 Ham. It s only one jem90 Ham guitar in Slovenia,and i m proud to own it! It s the best!
Jeremy Krull Chappaqua, NY www   Jem90HAM. My main guitar is an RG520QSOL, I also have a JS100TR, an RG7620, a Les Paul Custom and some basses. I use Marshall amps. Age 14.
Julien Lagrenee Toulon - France www Guitars: UV 7 PWH, JEM 7 BSB, JPM 100 B
Shawn Lake Shreveport - LA     Guitars: 777LNG(#22), 777SK, 777DY...more to come. ems are the best guitars in the world!!! My SK and DY Jems were signed by Steve at the New Orleans Ultra Zone show on 12/6/99. Met Steve and Dave Weiner... Hey guys.
Latario Minnesota - USA     no JEMs yet; i'm currently saving for a JEM7VWH. i'm into music like Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Van Halen, Ozzy, and many others.
Kalun Lau Trujillo, La Libertad, PERU -   Hi All! owner of a JEM7VWH
Gary P. LeDonne PA - USA -   JEM10 and 7VWH!
Brian Lantz Middletown, IN - USA     Guitar: I have none, but I am desperately lokking for one that I can afford.
Joshua Ledoux W. Des Moines, Iowa -   UV7BK (all black) & UV777BK both '98 Models. I own about 12 guitars including two other seven strings and a custom built 8-string.
Min Yang Lee Taipei - Taiwan     Jem 10th Anniversary #517
Julien Lagrenee Toulon, Var - France www UV7PWH, JPM100P1, JEM7BSB
Marc La Porte Netherlands www   UV777BK
Howard Lewis CA - USA -   JEM10, JEM90
Nick Liebrecht WI - USA www   555BK, More some day
Kingsley Liew Singapore -   JEM90HAM serial# f9811211
Sebastian Joel Lindgard Bromarv, Finland www   I love my Jem90HAM
Randy Lintz Maryville, IL -   UV777BK
Joey Lodes from SPOOGE Valley Stream, NY - USA www

JEM777LNG #7 and Universe. Lead Guitarist of NY's Spooge. Featured "Demo of the Month" artist in Guitar Player Magazine's Spotlight 3/96. "Lick of the Month" guest columnist Guitar Player Magazine's 2/97. Musician Magazine "Best Indie Band". Finalist- '97. Official band of the First Church of Shatnerology.

Devon Lougheed Canada     JEM7RB - I love it. I love it. I love it. I'm 15. Six guitars. One's a Jem. A universe is coming in the coming months.
Reuben Luke Singapore     UV777BK, Jem 555bk. Big fan of Vai and the Universe.Am currently on the lookout for more Universes.Look out world, here I come :-)
Matt Lutynski Misawa Air Base, Japan -   JEM 555, RG7620. Being in the Air Force overseas for over 6 years slowed my playing, but not my quest for a multi-color JEM and Universe.
Bob Lynch Monroe, NY     777VDY, RG7620
L.J. MacLean Sydney, NS - Canada www   1988 Jem777DY Ser#883825
Anthony Magro Bordeaux - France     JEM7 BSB / JS 1000
Walter Mak Hong Kong -   JemBFP, JemPMC, UV777BK. Jem/UVs on my hunting list: Jem90ham, Jem10th, UV77MC, Jem7BSB
Setyo Mahendro Jakarta, Indonesia     JEM 10TH, PRS CE-24
Nicolas Manel Vaucouleurs - France www   UV7BK'97. Author of the shareware "Guitar Studio", a software providing powerful tools for 4 to 7 strings guitarists.
James "Jimmi" Massey Louisville, KY     Jem777
Teddy Matayoshi Tokyo - Japan     UV777BK, UV7PWH, JEM7VWH, RGs. Ibanez, great guitars, great artists. Hope my name will be posted on the Ibanez artist list someday!! practice till your hearts content!!!!
Brent Matney Bluefield, VA - USA     UV777BK
Shawn Maxfield midwest USA -   JEM777VBK
Ryan Maza Tucson, Arizona - USA www Jem 77PMV, 7VWH. These guitars rule! Ryan's been a 'Jem' player for quite a while and they are his primary live guitars used in the instrumental progressive rock band, Warp 3. Their site contains pics of his 'Jems'.
Marty McConnell St. Louis - MO www   Jem10 #237, BSB, RG7621 and someday a JPM.
Colter McCorkindale Little Rock, AR www   Jem 7P, Fede-swirled RG7421, UV7PWH, PGM300
Bob McCue Hesperia, CA - USA     One UV7BK. My UV was given to me by Guitar School magazine along with a lesson with Vai. Guitar is autographed by Steve.
Marc McDougall Marshfield, Mass - USA     2 UV7PWH's (best guitars i ever owned!). i encourage everyone out there to go get a UV7PWH because not only does it look good, it's one of the best sounding guitars out there!
Peter Medrano Orlando, FL - USA -   ax7521 7 string in grey pewter, rg7621 97' model in white, and a 87' stock s540 sabre. ibanez guitars are the best nobody else can touch them in quality and price, cant wait for the reissue 7 string sabre to come out!!!
Larry Menshouse USA www   too many to list!!!
Andres Miller GA - USA -   I am 15, have been playing for about 4 years and am a huge Vai fan. I own a Jem777dsy, UV77MC and a UV777BK (my pride and joy).
Ryan R. Miller Phoenix, Arizona - USA soon!   2 RG7620BK's. I am an Ibanez 7-string enthusiast, founding member of the continuing, progressive rock project, The Voice Of Reason, and C.E.O. and Chief Design Coodinator for the project design firm, Phoenix Design Limited. The Ibanez Infinity pictured on this site is our work.
Michael Miller Rochester, NY - USA www   JEM7VWH and a UV777BK
Todd Miller Topeka, KS - USA www   7vwh. Currently workging on another CD. Will have cuts available on my website late spring.
Denny Mishler Ely, NV - USA     Custom JEM
Mathieu Mombarg Deurne - Holland     Jem7vwh, jem90ham, uv777pbk. Thus appeared a Universe and the shredding, shreaky deamon dazed and chuckled!!!
William Moore Hodgenville KY - USA www   uv777gr, rg7620, rg550, rg470
Russell Muller Mesa, AZ, USA     JEM7VWH (names Jomo), and RG7620CG (The Green Monster). JEMs are the best. Can't imagine having anything else as my main axe.
Hideki Nagaoka Yokohama, Japan www   UVBK. Visit my website for songs in MP3 format!
Jeff Naour Tacoma, WA - USA -   Well I only have the one 7-string for now but I love em. My Rg7620 is the royal blue one, very nice color. The guitar sports great craftsmanship and some pretty cool stock pickups. I play it in my band N-GAUGE. We incorperate two seven strings into our sound. Currently looking for a label and record deal. If you would like to get in touch with me feel free to send some mail.
Dylan Nelsson Sydney, Australia -   Jem 10th Edition #701. Signed by Steve on his 97 Australia Tour
Gabe Nickelson USA www   -
Jerome Nogier France     ibanez rules they are the most beautiful guitars. i ll buy a universe as soon as possible. Have an rg7620 and a rebbeach10
Mark Nutting Wurtulla, Queensland - Australia     Jem 7BSB
T. Oliveri, Jr. Gilroy, CA - USA -   UV 7- String Multicolor, RG 540 Flourescent Green, JS 100 Transparent Red
Bart van Oort Netherlands     Jem10th #825
Juan Pablo Mar del plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina      
Paradigm Blue Raleigh, NC - USA www   Paradigm Blue, an up and coming prog rock band from NC. I have a UV777BK along with a JPM100P4. Come check out our site. We have a complete song up for download!
Martin Paton Manchester - UK www Love my new JEMDBK.. brand new, just breaking it in :) Those breed pickups sound fantastic.
Loic Peoch France www   Jem 7VWH, Jem 10, UV 777BK (also a JS 10). I love those guitars. Long life to the Jems and UVs and to Jemsite!
Joe Peterson Okinawa, Japan     Jem777DY. I'll never play ANYTHING but an Ibanez. I just bought my Jem777DY and love it!
Chad Perkins Jackson, TN www 98' uv777bk. IndigoJoker is a 4 piece band. we grind out heavy rhythms on the 7 string while j ridens keeps the flow with his upbeat raps. i love my uv, it's the phatest guitar available. be sure and check out our website.
Oliver A. Pf�nder Bavaria, Germany www - Hi folks, I don't have a JEM/UV guitar yet; but I'm planning to buy a JEM7BSB. The Ibanez section of my collection consists of a black '93 JS1, '92 USA Custom Exotic Wood (superb quilt top!) and a royal blue '98 RG7620. I think Ibanez makes the best factory-made guitars around...but nothing beats the great luthiers' work: Auerswald, Teuffel (my favourite), Dommenget - to mention a few germans. ;-) Have fun, Oli
Richard Pike Los Angeles, CD - USA vai.com   Axes include: Burned Jem777VBK, Custom Jem7BSB, Prototype Jem, Universe 7PBK prototype
Sean Pigott Brownstown, MI - USA     JEM77FP. Still a hack when it comes to playing, but I love it. Play mostly acoustic (Alvarez), finally got my own JEM.
Dave Piggott ? -   Jems Owned: Jem7BSB (Gorgeous...It is everything I ever wanted in a guitar) Jem777DY (Nasty maple neck) Jem 555BK (Lovely, great neck for price). Guitars on order: JEM90, JS10th (Hard to get hold of in UK or Switzerland)
Jeff Raines Orlando, FL -USA     UV777BK. I'm not a very skilled guitar player, but when I saw the UV777BK I knew i had to have that guitar. Now that I do have it, I love it.
Sunil Prasada Rao St. Vicent, West Indies     JEM7VWH. amateur guitarist. i'm mainly a joe satriani fan but love jem guitars.
Jody Rech Wheeling, IL - USA www jem7vwh, GMC, universe(White)
L. G. RedElk Oklahoma City, OK - USA www   '91 JEM777 VDY and other various Ibanez guitars
Marcus Reichert Location - Germany www   JEM77FP, JEM77BFP, JEM77GMC, Saber-7, UV7PBK, several others (USA Custom, Prestige,...) Have a look at my page !!
Yanuen Rodriguez Zacatecas, Zac - Mexico     90th anniversary
Brad Ryan Bloomfield, IA - USA     uv7bk, rg7621
Brian Rubino Santa Cruz, CA - USA -   UV777BK, UV7BK (green), JEM7VWH, JEM10, JEM90
Juan H. Sanchez USA www   brief bio... I've got a UV7 (black/green) and a Herc'ed JEM 777 VDY (pics in the Gallery). I have loved JEMs and UVs since their introduction into the market.
Eric Sands GA - USA www UV7VWH, RG7621, JEM777VBK and RG550 (HERCified) . Eric says "Buy, 'The Generation Ibanez Project: Across the Miles', CD!
Antonio Santosuosso Canberra Australia -   UV77MC, Jem77BFP and I just bought a Jem7VWH
Franco Sarrocchi Valparaiso - Chile     JEM777DY. I�m a musiscian of 22 years with a lot of experience...but without a band.
Marc Schonbrun NY - USA -   I no longer own any JEM/UV but don't hate me.... I Had about 9 Jems and 2 UV's, but I had to sell them to buy a concert Classical guitar for school.
Steve Scuccato Peterborough - Canada     UV77Mc JEM7VWH. I own 5 Ibanez but only play the Jem & Universe!!
Dennis Secord Battle Creek, MI - USA     JEM777LNG #387, JEM777SK, UV7BK. Love these things, only wish I were good enough to play them like they were meant to be played! 8-)
Shannon Sharp Tacoma, WA - USA www   UV7 '97 all-black. I play in my band, "N-gauge", which incorporates two 7-string guitarists: UV7BK and an RG7620. We're currently looking for a recording deal. We have a diverse, but heavy sound. Anyone who'd like to contact me, feel free.....us 7-stringers have to stick together cuz there's not many of us! haa!
Dave Sherriff Birmingham, UK     Guitars: Jem 777 VDY. Roland GK-2A kit fitted so I can use my baby with my VG-8 and GR-30... Sweeeet!
Jay Siebert Ontario, Canada -   RG7620 Herced, UV777BK, Jem7VWH. I finally own the guitars of my dreams, It was alot of money and time, but it was well worth it, thanks to Steve and Glen. You guys rule.
Vince Simart France -   UV7BK '97 and UV777BK. Into great guitar sounds & players.Searching for videos, I have plenty of them: Vai, Satriani, Malmsteem. Mail back for good trade!
Kirk A Slossar Ansonia, CT www   Jem777LNG #770, Jem777VDY, UV777BK. Waiting for my Jem77FP (patiently), working on a custom Jem made from parts of an '87 RG550
Imam Solichin Bendigo, Victoria, Australia www   Guitar: Jem10th #684. The jem was signed by Steve Vai on back of the head stock. My other guitar: MusicMan EVH (purple).
Ilkka Sorsa Kotka - Finland www   UV7BK
Wyatt South Columbus, OH - USA -   1996 Universe, JS10th - always looking for people to jam with.
Jim Spinner Yeovil, Somerset - England www   JEM7VWH. Only just got the Jem, been playing an RG470FMR for ages.
Chris Steed Hamilton, Ontario - Canada     no jems or uvs but i have these RG7, S540LTD, S540LTD, S540 custom, RG550, RG7/JPM custom, Epi Del Rey, Jackson copy. I LOVE my guitars. I have my dream guitars but my main Dream guitar is a 7 string S540LTD with 24 frets and sharktooth inlays, all black hardware and a blue flame top
Jason Stone New York, NY - USA     1991 UVMC, 1999 JEM7VWH, JEM10 #769
Jim Suriano Canada   1996 USA Custom (Butterscotch, 1994 USA Custom (Trans Purple). Just sold my Jem 777VBK. Great guitar! It was used to record my bands debut CD! My band is called Screamin Voodoo.
Zeke Taney Redmond, WA www Description: Guitarist/Vocalist, Plastic Joe. Very much into Uiverses and 7-string guitar. Guitars: UV777GR, UV7PWH, UV7BK/green
David Tetlow Richmond, VA - USA     JEM777DY. '89 model, SN 891746. I'm the third owner. Second owner "painted" the front of body ala Jackson Pollack. No other significant mods. Love it! Also have a '93 S540LTD in custom green (F326603).
Kyle Tilev Chicago, IL - USA     I own a UV7BK (green), and an S470 (Flamed Maple Green). 7-stringers unite! The crazy players and the low end banging are back! Keep writing, performing, and being yourself. That's where the pure music drives from. Thanks to Steve for amassing such an arsenal of guitars! He's deffinitly influenced the music scene MANY times. He has to take a break! Ciao everyone, and good luck.
Tommy Thompson Atlanta, GA - USA     2 Jems, and 2 UVs. PLAY ALOT OF GUITAR!
Alf Torp Oslo - Norway     Jem 90 SN# F9821626. Got this one after my Jem 7 was stolen.
Dirk Torrijos Baltimore, MD www   Also own a Ibanez USA Custom and a 470S, My jem777VBK is still the best sounding guitar out of the bunch.
Tomi Tuomi Kouvola - Finland     Jem77fp
Matthew Turner North Carolina - USA www   Guitars: 1994 jem 555 white
Mika Tyysk Porvoo, Finland www   JEM77FP - Terve Kaverit! Check my pages! Cool music in Real-audio/media format!
Tuomo Valkkio Finland www   Ibanez RG 7620. I own my "Korny" black Ibanez RG7620 and I love it.
Wimjan Van Groningen Netherlands     7VWH BSB UV77MC 7BP 77BFP 77fp
Maarten Verreck Netherlands www   UV777PBK, RG7620, RG560. I've played various Ibanez guitars through the years...in my band we only play ibanez, our other guitarist ownes a JEM10th and an RG550 custom. we think Ibanez is gods gift for guitarists.
Ben R Vesco Eugene, OR - USA www UV7PWH, UV777BK. Band Malhavok is working on finishing our first 'real' CD (we have some home pressed ones).
Berislav Vojnovic Sweden     Hello there ! I own Uv77mc & Uv777BK very nice guitars. Fight for metal !!!
Jeff Wallen Independence Missouri - USA     jemHAM90th ann.-- 777LG # 602 OF 777 SIGNED TWICE BY STEVE HIMSELF A 777VSK --777SK --777DY --77FP --7VWH
Patrik Walzer Bern - Switzerland     JEM7VWH, JEM77FP, JEM90HAM, UV7MC. At the moment I'm working for a new CD. I think it is available at summer 2000.
Iain Warrington Worthing West Susex -England     This Jem 10 is Number 851 (last but one)
Eddie Webb Surrey, England     I have just got my JEM7VWH. I don't think I'll ever play my two Strats again!
Mark Weimar PA - USA     Jem7vwh
John Wellman Orono, Ontario - Canada     UV777PBK. Hello there, I am a very Proud ower of a 1997 Ibanez Universe (UV77PBK) and I love it! There is so much you can do with this guitar when you have a creative mind! And KoRn is a great example for their use of creativity! Steve Vai, you designed this guitar, and it is beautiful!
Dave Weiner PA - USA www   77FP, 77PMC, 77BFP, UV7BK, UV777GR & Bad Horsi'fied 777DSY
Patrick Weger Innsbruck - Austria -   Jem 77 GMC. Unfortunately I have email only at university so I am not able to submit a soundfile but I love you all - brothers Someday I'll be a famous rock 'n roll guitar player
Simon Westaway Devon, UK www   2 Jems - 1 black/green , 1 Custom Yellow vine & Musicman EVH
Brian Wherry West Newton, MA www   I don't have any Jems. Waah. But I have a UV777BK! Woohoo! And three John Petrucci models! Oops, I guess I shouldn't heva mentioned that here... :)
Ben Wigler New York - USA www Jem7VWH, UV777BK, I also use a custom Walnut Jem, and plan on making a custom 6 and 7 over this year. I'm the lead guitar player in "Ashes of Eden" a progressive rock band that is a little more etheral and subtle than Dream Theater. We're releasing "Beneath the Tide" in the fall.
Josh Williams Folsom, CA www   Jem 7WHV, RG7620, (UV77MC coming soon). Swirls and 7 strings rule!
Chad Wilson West Monroe, LA -   Jem777DY & Jem777SK
Tim Wright Leaburg, Oregon - USA     Currently have a white 555, in process of getting PMC or BFP. Except for not staying in tune very well and being the butt of jokes, I really like my 555. On the other hand, I will unload it ASAP when I get a "real" Jem!!
Lionel Wong Singapore www   Used to own a JEM77BFP back in late '96. I now own a JPM90. I have a band named FreudianSlip. All the info is on my homepage.
Tim Wu Brisbane - Australia     JEM10TH #725. i play the JEM & JPM1004 in my band ! they both sound great and i love it !
Todd W IL, USA www   JEM10 owner!
Adam IL - USA -    
Bee Sydney - Australia     JEM77FP, just start using UV.
Huzaimi Brunei -   JEM77FP
Jonathan Jakata, Java - Indonesia      
Valry Belgium www   All these Jems are GREAT!!! I prefer the White one...Jem BFP, jem FP and jem VWH