In Search of The Perfect Guitar
Written by Further On   

For many guitarists there appears to be an almost unhealthy obsession with the instrument itself.  My wife once pointed that if I’d simply saved all the money on the ridiculous amount of guitar magazines I bought each month and the cost of the texts, phone calls or stamps for all the “win a signed…” competitions I entered I could have bought many of the guitars I lusted over in these magazines years before.

Now some guitarists buy a standard Strat, Tele, whatever, plug it in twiddle with the controls, find a reasonable set of tones and that’s that.  Years later there they are same guitar, same amp and they are as happy as Larry.

Paul Day is a well known guitar collector, author and magazine collaborator in the UK.  Paul has a collection somewhere around 300 pieces.  Mad you might say but how many of you reading this are also thinking how great that would be or what would you add to the collection. Are you already a collector of some kind?  I am.  I have around 10 different guitars at home.  Some of these I can justify because well there’s the classical I need for that style, a 6 string acoustic, a 12 string acoustic.  All different instruments clearly.  Okay then why two basses?  One an old custom build 4 string which rarely sees the light of day and a more modern Ibanez 5 string?  Then there are the electrics, I have a few shall we say.

So for some of us the collection is the manifestation of the search for the holy grail, the perfect guitar.  But in reality is there ever such as thing?  As I say for some folks they get one and use it throughout they lives.  Maybe a custom thing built just for me would do the job.  Right I need therefore a cross between a Les Paul Custom, a Les Paul Special, a Strat and an SG probably for starters.  In there doesn’t there lie the problem yes I can play metal on a strat but it sounds better on some with humbuckers obviously.  Actually probably active ones at that.  Whilst my son owns an ESP-1000 with EMGs on it (not counted in my collection count by the way) I don’t have one with active pickups, maybe I should get one?

See I can’t stop myself I’m a guitar obsessive.  I don’t own either a thin body semi-acoustic, I really like the look and good reviews of Gibsons ES339.  I don’t own a large body jazzer – the Ibanez George Benson has for years been on my possible list along with an ES175 being as I love Steve Howe and Pat Metheny.   Then there is Pat’s signature Ibanez model.  I don’t own anything with a Floyd on it, I’ve always thought them too much hassle but maybe not again something that might add something to my repertoire that doesn’t exist at the moment.

Stop STOP!

I don’t think I’ll ever stop though I’m simply addicted to guitars.

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