10 Things I Wish I Knew About Guitars (Before I Bought One): MusicDr's List
Written by MusicDr   

When I asked Jemsite members to post some of the things they wished they knew about guitars (before they bought one), a few members came up with their own 10-point list.  I'm posting a few that I found particularly entertaining.

Here's MusicDr's take:
  1. Just because a guitar looks and sounds cool doesn't necessarily mean you will because you buy it.
  2. The secret to being an accomplished guitarist is actually playing, not reading about playing,posting about playing or watching others play.
  3. If you practice things that are hard for you, it makes everything else you play seem easy.
  4. If you practice things that are easy for you, you have just wasted good practice time.
  5. If you buy the same guitar back 5 times and still don't bond with it, chances are it is just not for you.(recent experience)
  6. When you finally find that holy grail guitar,buying 4 more exactly like it doesn't necessarily mean you will have 4 times the enjoyment.
  7. Although it sounds cool,having 20+ guitars is
    • A lot of maintenance
    • 20+ pickup choices
    • A lot of string sets
    • 20 more choices than I probably need when deciding what to play
    • Still has nothing to do with being a better player.
  8. I know tone is in the hands,unfortunately you can't hear it without a guitar and amp.
  9. There is no "magic bullet","ninja scroll" or "top secret formula"to be a guitar master,only practice and hard work.
  10. There is a secret to getting along with bandmates and other musicians-don't be an a*****e.

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