10 Things I Wish I Knew About Guitars (Before I Bought One): Kotornut's List
Written by Ava   

Remember the Jemsite list for 10 Things I Wish I Knew About Guitars (Before I Bought One)?

A few members came up with their own lists.  Here's one that I found particularly enlightening (and entertaining!) It's by Jemsite member Kotornut (Louie), who came up with this list with his pops while they were talking guitars and perusing some of the cooler features of Jemsite.

Here's what they gave us!

  1. Save money now and get a better guitar and more satisfaction later on.
  2. Play everything regardless of what's "cool" or not.
  3. Amps are as much of a part of the electric guitar as the big sound box on an acoustic is.
  4. Decide what your style is and let yourself decide what gear to use not your friends, a forum, guitar teacher or even your guitar hero.
  5. Playing better is sounding better.
  6. Don't discount the comfort of a guitar in your hands and on your body while playing, just because another one looks "cooler."
  7. Is the guitar easy to tune and stays in tune (basic but important)
  8. Gold hardware wears off anyways (from my dad, the Gibson Jazzbox player).
  9. You will get tired of every color after a while (even swirls).
  10. Does the electric guitar have sustain, tone and good harmonics unplugged?



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