Tremolo Bridges

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JEM Tremolo Types


Lo-Pro Edge

Edge Kit
Lo-Pro Edge Kit

The Edge was Ibanez' version of an improved Floyd Rose tremolo. It has some subtle engineering improvements, including more overall mass, fine tuners further out of the way, better wrist support and featuring improved posts that lock to the body anchors. To the player, it was an ergonomically corrected Floyd, with a much deeper routing for extended pull-up and a better feel. In 1991 Ibanez redesigned the 6-string bridge along with the Universes Edge-7 tremolo. The new design had the fine tuners further out of the way and lowered, by streamlining the placement of the fine tuners and saddle adjustments. If you look closely you will notice that they shortened the saddle-string bolts which clamp down each string from behind the fine tuners, to directly behind the saddle. The two tremolos are totally swapable, meaning you can replace one with the other with no modfications.

The Lo TRS-II is a cheap version of the Edge Lo-Pro. It has less mass, inferior posts/anchors and has a much stiffer feel than the Edge systems. It feels more like the Original Floyd Rose tremolos, but cheaper. The Lo-TRS II is on the Korean made JEM555 only. Caution, as you cannot directly retrofit an Edge/Lo-Pro into a 555 without body routing for the different sized tremolo


Universe Edge-7 Tremolo


Edge7 Lo-Pro

The two Universe tremolos are pictured above. In 1990 the Edge7 was introduced with the Universe guitars in the USA. The block is similar to the Edge with the exception of having one extra string saddle. It is wider by exactly one saddle. Around 1991 the LoPro Edge "updates" were incorporated into 7-string version called the the LoPro Edge7. Overseas and on some USA model UVs, the original Edge-7 was used, which was eventually replaced with the LoPro Edge7.


Lo-Pro Edge Closeups

Close up Edge LoPro removed.
Note pivot joints (top of photo) are assymetrical.

Left pivot joint - little to no wear Right pivot joints - little to no wear

Top of Tremolo. String Saddles Removed with saddle bolt
in the first of two rows. Use either row as necessary per saddle to
intonate. Note the three large screws to hold the block to the baseplate.

Underside of tremolo, bridge side.
Note two roles of holes for saddle adjustment (intonation).

Underside by fine tuners.


Edge/LoPro Tremolo Arm

The arm for all of the Edge tremolos is shown below. All Edge and Lo-Pro tremolos use the same arm. It comes in black only and is shown below.

close-up of tip

Edge/LoPro Tremolo Post & Anchors

The Edge/LoPro tremolos have a heavier duty 11.3mm OD body anchor ("stud insert") which are glued into the body. The two body anchors have fine threads for the stud/post to screw in. These offer stability, yet full adjustability of the overall trem height off the body for optimal guitar setup. These posts are unique and offer a dramatic improvement over the TRS and Original Floyd Rose designs. The Edge stud/posts have a small set screw that locks the post into the body anchor, adding rigidity to the post, preventing any movement.

The set screw is loosened with a 1.5mm allen wrench and after post height adjustment is made, tightened. The set screw is shown below along (blurry top of photo) and in the larger photo the set screw is seen protuding from the stud (left side) with the allen wrench inserted into the top of the post (right side of photo). Never adjust the tremolo post without first loosening the set screw. The anchors and post can also be seen in the "Kit" photos on this page.

close-up of set screw tip

Original Floyd Rose (double locking) Varieties

Floyd Rose “Original” (OFR) - The Original is first mass-market "Floyd Rose" double locking tremolo bridge. Originally included on Kramer guitars only, then "licensed" to other manufacturers to include on their guitars. Currently Fender owns and distributes the "original" Floyd Rose tremolo. The steel saddles, hardened steel base spring block provide the sustain and tone that you expect from this high quality bridge.

Floyd Rose PRO - The Floyd Rose PRO is a low profile, smaller version of the “Original” Floyd Rose bridge. It takes up less surface area than the Floyd Rose II or the “Original”. The fine tuners are slightly angled for playing comfort and the locking bolt is immediately behind the saddle (like the Edge LoPro), instead of behind the fine tuners (like the Edge and OFR).

Floyd Rose II - The Floyd Rose II’s steel saddles are mounted on a compressed metal base plate, which provides great tone at an economical price. Similar to the Floyd Rose “Original” in size and appearance. It's cheapness is mimicked by the TRS varients.

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Both the TRS and the TRS-2 are double locking tremolos. There are a few differences:

Avoid these non-Edge Tremolo variations on an Ibanez guitar, as they are typically installed on low end models. The cost difference between making a TRS and Edge equipped guitar is negligible, and fact is that these non-Edge double-locking tremolos are used by Ibanez as a marketing tactic to differentiate between guitar models, such as RG 3xx vs RG4xx vs RG5xx.

To retrofit an Edge/LoPro in a TRS/OFR guitar:

The Edge/LoProEdge will not directly swap into your Ibanez (or other guitar) with a TRS/TRS-II/OFR. A few modifications will typically be required

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