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Re: ozzy's new guitarist (gus g)

yeah oz is gettin old , the voice just doesn't do things it did with sabboth . oz has never been the greatest singer but that is my opinion .

i think it may take gus a little time to find his place with oz. gus seems a little more mild on the personality side and he went from firewind a greek power metal band that a lot of people dont know about to ozzy. Gus is an awsome player dont get me wrong but i am sure he is just trying to not F up the songs.

i personlly really like firewind and gus's playing on the albums. He doesn't kill the song with super heavy technical guitar riffs that are always in your face or 5 minuet long guitarr solos. With firewind it is more about the band and song and less about how good of a guitar player gus is. It makes the music more marketable and easier to listen to if you dont play guitar. Again my opinion .
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